Taking A Look At Acne Scar Treatment

Not all acne scars have to be permanent and most can actually be prevented by following certain practices. For example, it is very important to avoid picking at acne or popping the acne. What this does is causes further damage to the skin by damaging the collagen protein structure. Therefore, avoiding contact with acne wounds or boils is best. Despite one’s best efforts, scars still can form. The good news is there is acne scar treatment available in many different options to get rid of acne scars or at least lighten them to a point they are less visible. There are also more advanced techniques available.

Taking A Look At Acne Scar Treatment

Redness and Irritation:Redness of a scar or irritation of a scar indicates that it is inflamed. This is very easily treated. All you have to do is go to your local pharmacy and buy a cream with hydrocortisone in it. Apply this sparingly to the red spots and, over time, they should lighten up and any potential scarring will be slowed down.

Sometimes these red spots do not fade and they actually darken. This becomes even more problematic because now not only is there a scar, there is a dark scar, making it difficult to obscure with makeup. The solution is to use a good fading treatment such as a cream or ointment applied to the dark scar spots. Just be sure the product you purchase does not contain an ingredient called “Hydroquinone.” This was once a popular skin lightener, but it is toxic and sometimes still found in products. It is best to use natural skin fading products such as the mushroom extract, kojic acid, or even vitamin C serums do an excellent job over time.

Avoiding Sun Exposure: Scars are highly sensitive to sunlight. Any healing scar is definitely going to darken and heal slower if it is regularly exposed to brilliant sunlight. This is a very real issue which is often neglected. In order for any acne scar treatment to work, you should keep a sunhat on and use strong sunscreen on a regular basis whenever you are out in the sun. This will help any acne scars to heal without becoming darkened.

Protecting scars from sunlight also accelerates healing. It is best to regularly use a sunscreen in general if you have acne because the potential for sun damage to the skin is increased with the condition of acne.

Laser Treatments: Usually, if you just give it time and leave the scars alone while keeping them clear of direct sunlight, the acne scars will simply heal on their own. There is nothing you actually have to do to make a scar heal. Sometimes, however, the scars simply don’t go away or they are too deep as a result of damage to the skin. This is usually caused by agitating or popping acne sores.

Laser treatments can help eradicate and literally erase acne scars, so it is one of the top preferred treatments for the issue. Different types of lasers are used depending on the scarring. Your dermatologist can provide you with more information on this and other options.

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