Becoming An Owner Operator? Avoid This Common Pitfall

If you’ve made the choice to become an owner-operator, you probably already know that it’ll be a lot of work and a lot of risk. You’re competing with huge corporate trucking companies that can scale their businesses to operate affordably, and you’ll need to run a tight ship to keep your costs low to have any hope of making a profit.

One of the biggest mistakes that new owner-operators make is thinking that, just because they’ve chosen a more independent line of work, that they have to do everything themselves. That way of thinking will lead you directly to burnout and bankruptcy. If you’re going to succeed in this business, you’re going to need help, and leasing to a company that will help match you with owner-operator jobs can be a big piece of that.

Becoming An Owner Operator? Avoid This Common Pitfall

When you were working with a big company, the greatest advantage of that is that they find loads for you. While it may not seem like an advantage when you get that last minute call for a late-night haul, it’s actually a huge part of the business that you have to take on your shoulders if you become an owner-operator.

Where you used to be able to spend your idle time chatting on the CB or listening to the radio, as an owner-operator you’ll probably have to spend every waking minute trying to set up the next load and trying to convince people to give you their business (even though they’ve gone with the same trucking company for years).

Too much idle time between loads can break your business, which is why you should lease to a company that will help match you with jobs that meet your specifications. They’ll take care of the time-consuming sales work, which will free you up to focus on the haul itself.

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