The Laurels Won by Capital Numbers – Raising Their Own Standards

Business runs perfectly well, when the entrepreneur is single minded and when the company makes sure about hiring only the most suitable employees. There are many other factors that need to suit the business needs and only when all of these fall in place, will you be able to get the right products and services. More than that, you shall also be able to get the right feedback from the staff from time to time and innovation will take place. Hiring suitable staff, getting innovative ideas, marketing and promoting your brand and finally getting all your customers to be happy – these are some of the goals that every business aims for in life. But while it is easier said than done, to make all of these fall in place, one has to proceed step-by-step with all these.

The Laurels Won by Capital Numbers - Raising Their Own Standards

These days, there are few companies in the service sector like Capital Numbers that had started with digital marketing and even by helping the clients fulfill their project requirements. Today, the company has expanded to become a 250-member strong firm that offers superlative services in various domains and has clientele spread across four continents and offices in important cities and countries in the world.

Ratings, Awards and more of feathers on the cap:

The company, Capital Numbers,had started offering clients with advertising and promotional tactics, when they saw that the requirement of the clients and the market had a major mismatch. The clients needed updated websites but were clueless and not properly equipped to handle e-commerce sites. This is why the company has today gone ahead and is offering:

  • Website designing and developing
  • Mobile developing
  • Digital marketing
  • CRM

All these domains are as varied and they require only expert solutions to handle customized client needs. This is why the organization that is ISO 9001 Certified and is also rated by Dun and Bradstreet has found that to stay on the top, offering only the best would matter.

The organization has got awards for being the Most Promising Startup of the year at the CII-Industrial Innovation awards held in 2015. Similarly, it has also been awarded at Infocom organized by The Telegraph where it got awarded for being the SME of the year 2014. Such achievements mean that the organization Capital Numbers has already embarked on a journey towards success.

More of promising challenges and success on the way:

Very few enterprises show success on the face of challenges like this organization that has always handled variety of clients just to ensure that they get the best and the most updated of IT related, HR related and marketing related assistance. Whether it is E-commerce website designing on platforms like WooCommerce, or X-Cart, or whether it is developing corporate websites of Harvard University, Duke University or even GQ, the company has only shown the way for others by leading by example.

Setting newer benchmarks, making milestones and by working on greater challenges, the company today, has grown beyond a level and is only aiming to go for more such works in future!

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