Best Automotive Industries In The World 2014

Best Automotive Industries In The World 2014
The automotive industry is one of the industries which continue to record tremendous growth each year as compared to other industries such as telecommunication, financial services and mining. An automotive industry can described as an industry which encompasses different companies involved in various aspects such designing,development,manufacturing,assembly,marketing and selling of merchandise which are vehicles. China, United States, Japan, Germany and South Korea are the top leading automotive industries in the world respectively; these countries consider automotive industry as an integral part of their economy which earns them millions of dollars in revenues either direct or indirect. The ranking of the best automotive industry is based on the aspects of market share dominated by the players in the industry. Here are some of the best automotive industries in the world in the year 2014;
Best Automotive Industries In The World 2014


Toyota is the best and the biggest automotive industry in the world on the basis of manufacturing capacity, number of the vehicles produced, assembly capacity. Toyota which enjoys the largest market share in the Asia and Africa, the company has been able to enter the untapped African market thus able to continuously dominate the automotive industry. According to Forbes report tabled in 2013 has manufactured more than 77 million vehicles of different models since its inception in 1936 when it manufactured its first car the Toyota AA.It has estimated revenue of $ 300 billion thus making it the best automotive industry in the world. According to survey conducted by a research it’s expected the Toyota market share will share by 6.8% by the end year 2014.Although being the best the company has halted production of vehicles in its India after disputed erupted over salaries.


A big wig in the automotive industry in 2014 which unleashing its mastermind electric vehicle which is available in the US, European and the Asia market, this electric vehicle is expected to increase the market share of the company by 2.8% worldwide thus being essential to the company. Volkswagen is located in Germany with different manufacturing and assembly plants in different parts in the world ,it’s the orchestrate of the classic and style models such as the Audi,Bugatti, Skoda Marques,Lamborghini,Scania and SEAT.
It’s was founded in May 1937 by Ferdinand Porsche and since then it has produced more than 7.8 million vehicles by 2014 therefore one of the best automotive industry in the world.

Hyundai KIA Automotive Group

Based in Seoul, South Korea is one of the fastest growing automotive industries especially in 2014 where it’s unleashing of the Kia Soul which is an electric vehicle expected to be a catalyst of their growth. Its manufacturing facility in Ulsan has a production capacity of 1.6 million automotive annually therefore being of the best automotive industry in the world. Their merchandise is available in 193 countries in the world, it was founded in 1967.

Ford Motor

This company puts the United States on the list of the leading automotive industry in the world, founded by Henry Ford in the 1903 who pioneered the automotive industry growth during the industrialization period. Among its brand are the Lincoln and the Ford and has some substantial stake in the Aston Martin in the UK and Mazda in Japan, Located in Michigan.


In the year 2014, the Bavarian Motors Works expected its market share to increase by a higher percentage following the unleashing of the electric vehicles BWM i3 and BMW I8 in the January and February 2014 respectively. Located in Germany has produced more than 1.8 classic vehicles since its founding in the 1916 by Franz Popp.
There are numerous automotive industries in the world apart from those discussed above such as the Nissan of Japan, Tata of India, and Chrysler of US and Renault of France, for individuals intending to buy a car from the above automotive industries it’s necessary book a DSA driving test in order to be an approved driver for any of the cars models. Any important fact to note is that an automotive industry does not include industries committed to automotive maintenance and repairs as well as fuel station services.

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