Make Your Dental Practice a Success

Dental visits are an important routine activity in the lives of most people, however more and more often people forget to schedule appointments with their dentists. Other times, people find dental visits to be a hassle so they opt not to attend them. This is a problem for these patients because it compromises their dental hygiene. It is a problem for dental practices because it endangers their livelihoods. The solution to both of these problems is the effective use of quality management software.

Dental Dereliction

Regular dental visits once or twice during each year allow dentists to identify cavities and other oral health issues before they cause much damage. Many patients feel that these visits are unnecessary or forget to show up to their appointments. They are mistaken about the importance of dental cleaning, and do not realise that catching a problem early is essential to preventing it from growing worse with time.

Education can encourage patients to schedule dental appointments, however in many instances it is not enough on its own. Knowing that cavities are a health concern is not the same as receiving a call or a message from a dental practice asking about scheduling a dental check-up. For this reason, automating the recall process can greatly improve patient turnout. Every time a patient is due for a visit to the practice, a letter, email, or message can be automatically sent to them thanks to a computerised system.

This effective dental practice software in NZ ensures that patients are constantly reminded when they are due for an appointment. When faced with this reminder, up to 30% more patients are likely to schedule a check-up, which is good news for both the patient and the practice. Because of this clear set of advantages, using this software is invaluable.

Management Software Provides Assurance

If you want to improve your patient recall and retention rates, then investing in high-quality software that can manage your entire dental practice system is essential. In addition to the above-mentioned automated recall system, this kind of software can provide other advantages to your business.

Getting patients to the practice is only part of the struggle of running a dental office. Managing patient records and X-ray images is crucial. Offices must ensure that the records in their system are linked to the correct patient, and that these records are immediately available to hygienists and dentists when the patient arrives. Any delay will reduce the turnover time and may also make the patient less likely to want to return. Effective management software ensures that images and data are easy to access and are securely stored.

Because running a dental office is a complex business, it can at times seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, dental management software that can control the recruitment of patients and the availability of their records is available. When you begin using this type of integrated software system in your practice, you will improve both patient health and personal peace of mind!

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