Best Gaming Phone Is Going To Be The Galaxy S9

Samsung has recently launched Galaxy S8. The powerful processor of Galaxy S8 is awesome. The new processor Snapdragon 832 and Exynos 8895 provides slightly better performance than S7. Every year hardware manufacturers raise the bar for performance, as normal, we do not see the coolest games. There are World of Tanks Blitz, a port in the face of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a pair of 3D-shooter, but no qualitative leap not. As much as 20 cores in Mali-T71 graphics accelerators have nowhere to use it.  Galaxy S9 processor is far better than S8. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Exynos, ARM Cortex A72 helps the phone to run the apps with a rapid speed without getting warm too early plus we would be able to use the phone for long hours without getting a “low battery” signal too early. Such an amazing CPU with Adreno GPU enhances the performance of Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S8 is empowered by the memory UFS 2.1, instead of 2.0 in the predecessor. In other words, the read rate increased from 350 to 750 (in theory) Mbit / s.  In contrary, In Galaxy S9, we will encounter with UFS 2.2 giving the facility of an increment in the read speed up to 780Mbit/s. Isn’t it the best quality of S9?

Best Gaming Phone Is Going To Be The Galaxy S9

The “eight” added iris scanner

Funny thing, and works quite well, but you need good lighting and a number of unnecessary movements. That is, if the phone is on the table at a distance from you, you need to sit up every time and poking his face in the field of view of the sensor, the more pre-clicking on any button to illuminate the screen. But why do we need so many unnecessary movements when at the same time we have fingerprint sensor front – stretched thumb and ready. In general, the fingerprint on the front side – it’s comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, harmonious and full figure. The fingerprint Sensor would be also present in upcoming Galaxy S9. Actually, Galaxy S8 has some faults in its fingerprint sensor and iris scanner, to overcome these limitations, Samsung company is working on its new flagship, Galaxy S9, in such a way to give the user the best experience of using these features without any kind of disturbance. People are eagerly waiting for it.


Galaxy S8 performance is very well, especially when it comes to the games. In order to check the performance of the game launched all the favorite “Tanks”. This usually 58-60 FPS, but the frequency dropped to 54 occasionally, not below. The active scenes frequency sags to 31-34 FPS, but typically revolves around 50 frames per second. In Galaxy S8, gaming performance is going to become mind blowing. Normally, it is uncomfortable to hold a heated phone while playing games on mobile for long hours, but in Galaxy S9, we would be able to enjoy high-rated games with more comfortably without the occurrence of device-heat too early.

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