Best Linux Certifications 2019


Linux certifications are in demand when it comes to the IT world.  Particularly when the major parts of the world’s business servers operate on Linux Operating Systems. Globally, Linux certifications are the deciding facet on how far flung your career goes smoothly, therefore, every IT expert is wished to have certain certificates for a better employ ability. Although, they possess an ability to propel you to move forward in your career, however, the purpose of a technical certification differs from person to person, depending on their interests, and professional career but the knowledge procured through a certification course is a priceless resource in itself.  The significance of Linux Certifications is widely recognized in the professional circle of the IT field. Even basic certifications like Linux Networking and Administration and Essentials of Linux System Administration certification are of high value to achieve the in-demand skills. Professionals are driven by an unwavering belief that it holds immense potential for growth that can help even a novice to grow in the field – both regarding position and momentary benefits.  All in all, if you are seeking a rewarding position in the Linux field, it’s imperative for you to acquire certain certifications towards that end. Linux offers variety of certification in various domain, however, in this article, you will learn the best Linux Certification 2019 that are designed to offer the learning and skills of Linux to the enthusiastic candidates.

RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator):

In the discipline of Linux system administrator certifications, there is an important certification called RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) which will make an immense difference to make you noticed and distinguished amongst others. Red Hat’s senior level certifications are notably re surging amongst the professionals of Information Technology as well as the CEO who hires them. If you are in search of better opportunity while working in any IT organization then opt for the advanced level certification which will ultimately  make you eligible to be recruited in top organizations. This course will indeed turn out be a golden ticket for you as it will open up wide ranging career pathways such as senior Linux administrator, IT analyst, senior UNIX administrator, and so on.


It’s only a matter of   two decades that employers have come to utilize this certification as a part of their skills criterion when hiring any competent in the world of Information Technology. In today’s time, attaining this certification has become an essential requirement for any an individual who is eager to pursue a career in the realm of IT. It is one of the Linux certifications that examine the vital usage along with the managerial tasks that are integral to all Linux dealers.  It is vital for every Linux aimed professional as it is a source of providing a brand, awareness. Awareness of brand is a renowned term in most of the HR departments and amongst IT managers and you will soon become one of them as soon as you become a CompTIA Linux+ professional.

Apart from this, it forms the basis of all Linux jobs as this certification is formulated to give you the knowledge about central administrative operations, which most of the organizations would n generally peruse, thus increasing your job prospects. Essentially, by the virtuousness of this certification, you acquaint yourself with fundamental administrative concepts and tasks which are generally prioritized in most organizations.

If you are interested in this Linux+ certification, it’s essential for you to be aware that you are supposed to clear two tests namely the CompTIA Linux Certification (LX0-103) and (LX0-104).  These tests equally constitute 60 multiple choice questions, which have to be done within a defined time limit of One hour and 30 minutes. The average passing score is 500 on a scale of 200-800 if you are to successfully attain the certification. So, gear up yourself for Comp TIA Linux+ certification and learn the fundamental skills associated with the Linux field to bolster your chances of viable employment opportunities at prestigious organizations in a relatively short time interval as soon as you get your hands on the certification.

SUSE Certified Administrator:

 Another best certification is offered by Linux is SUSE Certified Administrator. The SUSE Certified Administrator in Systems Administration is the primary level of certification teaches and polishes its possessors a higher level administration tasks in the open source environment.

A salient feature of this course is that you won’t be burdened with any course work and you simply need to appear in the organized exams.  In his elementary level of certification SUSE Admin exams shall examine you about routine administrative tasks in Open Stack (SCA in Open Stack Cloud), Storage Solutions (SCA in Enterprise Storage), Linux (SCA in Enterprise Linux), and Systems Management (SCA in Systems Management) environments.

 LPIC-1: Linux Administrator:

LPIC-1 Linux Administrator is the initial certification in LPI’s multilevel Linux professional certification program structured to demonstrate current research and proves the candidate’s virtuosity in the present administrative system. LPIC-1 for Linux Administrators substantiates the candidate’s ability to execute maintenance tasks by using the command line along with   configuring basic networking architectures on Linux distro. Apart from this, to become an LPIC-1certified you are required to clear two exams 101 and 102 in one of the offered languages, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. There are no preconditions for getting this certification course whose validity will last for Five years.

GIAC Certified UNIX System Security Administrator:

In Addition to the above discussed Linux certification, the 2019 GIAC (Certified UNIX System Security Administrator) is another well-known certification which educates its holder regarding security and inspection of Linux OS and UNIX systems.  Through the medium of this course, individuals get the requisite skills and hands on experience to become adept at accomplishing multifarious real world tasks expected of IT professionals since its core objective is to provide knowledge and professional competence that would enable an individual to master the monitoring, configuration and installation skills requisite for both these systems.

To acquire this Linux certification, the aspirant must excel an exam comprised of 75 questions within two hours duration. Alternatively, the candidate needs to gain at least up to 70% to pass this exam to qualify for the certification. The certification implies that the accomplished entrant is well versed enough to comprehend and handle issues related to physical and password security in Linux and UNIX systems.

Thus, in keeping with the rapid increase in the demand for Linux, there are numerous career provisions that professionals can gain in this area of IT with these best Linux certifications 2019. The most compelling aspect of the Linux certifications is that it would build up your online credibility and a highly persuasive resume once you acquire the preliminary skills, and a comprehensive understanding of major Linux distributions so, you yourself become one of the millions of success stories in the software development world.

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