Best Live Streaming Devices For Your TV

Most Indian channels are not available in most countries making it hard for Indians who live or work abroad get a feel of home by watching their home channels abroad. Fortunately, modern technology made it easier for Indian channels to air their programs via streaming players widely available on the web. 

Roku Streaming Player

Roku pioneered the concept TV streaming, bringing an unparalleled experience for every user. The Roku platform is powered by their own operating system called the Roku OS. Roku Streaming Player is famed for their state-of-the-art streaming, delivering an utmost value, ease of use and a variety of content selection for their customers.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a digital media player developed by the famed computer and electronic company, Apple Inc. It is a small square entertainment device that can receive data from various sources like Wi-Fi and stream it on an HDMI-compliant television. 

Best Live Streaming Devices For Your TV

YuppTV Media Player

YuppTV is a revolutionary television gateway servicing viewers from all over the globe. It has several features like a Live TV, Catch-up TV, and unlimited movie and music streaming accessible on your convenience. 


Tivo is the one that enables a smooth integration of all your favorite shows from Netflix and other sources. Also, it is compatible with 4K Ultra HD, making the device ready for future technological advancements in television. 

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a small device connected to your HDTV that lets you stream over 250,000 movies and TV episodes over Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and YuppTV. It also enables you to play music, games and so much more. 

Nexus Player

Nexus player is a digital media player that uses the Android 6.0 operating system, also known as the Marshmallow OS and is the first digital player that uses the Android TV platform. 

Telstra TV

Aside from gaining access to the finest streaming services and Live and Catch-Up TV, it also enables you to listen to music, view photos and stream you own videos on your TV screen by wireless bridging of your media via USB or through a Wi-Fi network. For Indians living in Australia Telstra TV is a good opportunity to watch Indian TV via YuppTV

With the modern technology and the power of the internet, accessing foreign channels is within reach. By connecting these devices with streaming services like YuppTV allows you to get the most of Indian TV channels wherever you are in the world and on a schedule you set for yourself.

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