Buy a Flat Wedding Shoe to Create Your Own Cinderella Moment

Buy a Flat Wedding Shoe to Create Your Own Cinderella Moment

While most of us associate a bridal shoe with heels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider a stunning pair of flats for you special day. If you’re a bride who is uncomfortable walking in heels or you are the same height as your partner, you can still find elegant pumps or sandals to match your amazing dress.

Buy a Flat Wedding Shoe to Create Your Own Cinderella Moment

Comfort and Elegance

There are no rules when it comes to weddings. You have to wear and do what feels right for you, so if that means wearing flat shoes, you don’t need to worry, as there are a wide variety available which combine comfort and style. A pair of elegant flats you feel wonderful in will help make the day go perfectly and mean you won’t struggle to get down the aisle.

Flat wedding shoes are the perfect choice if you’re having an outdoor wedding and want to move seamlessly from saying “I do” to mingling with your guests and hitting the dance floor in the evening.

From dainty, super-soft pumps to peep-toe sandals or even white or silver trainers, wedding flats can be just as gorgeous as heels and far less likely to result in painful blisters.

The beauty of flats is that they feel light as a feather on your feet and are usually made from the best kid suede or softest leather. They come in all sorts of colours and shades to match your dress, with popular colours being ivory, silver, rose gold and a warm blush which looks great with ivory.

Beaded Beauty

Many flat wedding shoes come with hand-sewn embellishments such as beads, sequins and crystals to make them extra-special and make you feel like a princess. You’ll be proud to show them off and will be able to manage a twirl as you glide across the room. For an iridescent look, try flats which have mother-of-pearl beads or sequins.

These beads are often made into intricate floral or bow designs on the front of the shoe, while gold and silver trims are another feature of flat wedding shoes which give them that extra-special feel. All kinds of beautiful details on flats make them no less stylish or glamorous than heels. If you want to feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, go all out for sequins, which add a touch of glitter and sparkle in the evening.

Touch of Lace

If you are heading somewhere tropical to say your vows, you might consider a pair of flats made from simple and elegant broderie anglaise or go for open-toe sandals with a thin strap. You could even have sandals with straps or ribbons that go around your ankle or up your leg.

Whether you go vintage or modern, you can’t go wrong with flats. You’ll feel like you’re walking on air and have a pair of gorgeous party shoes you can wear again and treasure for years to come. It’s definitely an option to consider seriously.

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