Health Benefits Of Tea You Weren't Aware Of!

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Tea is an all time favorite beverage liked by one and all. Loaded with some fantastic properties which go beyond refreshment, tea is known to be beneficial for our health.

Health Benefits Of Tea You Weren't Aware Of!

Tea includes four varieties: green, black, white, and oolong. Most studies have focused on the better-known green and black teas, but white and oolong tea are also healthy for us. Buy loose tea online to embrace all the benefits tea brings in.

Among the many health benefits, tea is known to have, below are listed a few.

1) Tea is known to improve exercise endurance. Catechins in green tea boost the ability of the body to burn fat which improves muscle endurance.
2) Tea also reduces the risk of heart attack and protects us from cardiovascular diseases and degenerative illnesses. Drinking tea is also beneficial in protecting us against various types of cancers.
3) It is a flavorful way of getting enough fluid into your body each day. It keeps the body hydrated.
4) Tea is also known to act as a backup sunscreen. It protects us from ultraviolet rays.
5) A study conducted on a group of people showed that the people who consumed hot tea regularly had a lower waist circumference and lowered BMI than the ones who did not consume tea.
6) Drinking tea also reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, which can further increase the possibility of health problems like diabetes, artery choke or stroke. People with Type 2 diabetes can be benefitted by the habit of regular tea consumption. Certain compounds present in tea are known to help diabetics process sugars better.
7) Tea is also known to help the body recover the radiations. Studies have proven the property of tea to be able to protect our body against cellular degeneration(which may have occurred due to exposure to radiation) and to help the skin repair after exposure to radiations.
8) Green tea is also beneficial for bone health since it helps improve the mineral intensity and the bones’ strength. Studies have also shown that tea can help protect your teeth.
9) Herbal teas, like chamomile, are known to soothe the digestive system. It is beneficial for the people with irritable bowel syndrome.

As we all know, the excess of everything is bad. So, even excess of tea won’t be good.

Thus, while you gulp your cups of tea, always keep the following things in mind.

1) Having hot beverages frequently is not beneficial for our health, as it is known to be a reason behind esophageal cancer. Always let the tea cool down a little before you drink it.
2) The effects of all the chemicals present in tea may not be the same as those in the lab tests. They may have a different effect on the human body.
3) All teas are not created equal. The effect of the various chemicals present in tea is determined by various factors like the variety of the tea, it’s canning, its processing, and its brewing.

Owing to its large number benefits and also keeping in mind a few points of caution, it would be safe to say that tea is an excellent health drink when taken in the apt amounts.

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