Celebrities Being Grateful to the Planet

Protecting the planet is quite important for not only the living generation, but for the generations to come & that is exactly the initiative being taken up by many celebrities which include one Ed Begley Junior who was quoted as saying “Kindly do your part to protect the planet as well as the environment” & this was said into a microphone that while recording was going on for the radio station show, the “Static Beach”. The radio station is launching a new show which aims at improving the condition of the planet as well as the environment as a whole by increasing awareness among the people.
Celebrities Being Grateful to the PlanetThe Grateful Planet show
The new show that is being launched by the radio station is named as “Grateful Planet” & it solely aims at different actors as well as the radio jockey boasting about the ways in which the green initiative can be opted for by the inhabitants of the planet across the world and thus leading to the increase in general awareness for keeping a safe, healthy and beautiful planet for years to come thus acting as beneficial for the generations that will follow. The show recently started the inaugural episode which would be a path that would pave way for a brighter future.
Participation by the Variety
Some of the important people present for the inauguration of the show were Mike Collins who is an advocate, Tony Hale who is one of the board members within the Californian Democratic Party. Apart from them, the councilman of Manhattan Beach, Wayne Powell as well as Begley was present for the inauguration of the show along with the founder of the radio station static beach Mark Sutherland thus creating a pleasant atmosphere for the show and giving encouragement to the participants that would make the “go green” show a big hit.
Proud of the Initiative
Begley is a resident of the studio city and joined in as well for the inauguration of the “grateful planet” & this added a cheer within the crowd as he is also an actor who has won the academy award. The reason behind coming on the show for him was the enthusiasm towards environmental concern in California as well as across the whole world. The show aims at protecting the environment, & is hence based out of a place which itself has a spectacular landscape, where on one side lies the beautiful city & on the other lies the vast ocean.
Issues Related to the Oil Projects
Among the various discussions that were taking place, one of the topics was related to the impacts as well as issues that would arise due to the local oil project. Apart from that, other issues that were of concern included the manner in which each and every single individual’s smallest contribution can bring about a change so vast that it has the power of altering the future for the coming generations. Begley even talked about a few small steps such as using public transport, or growing a small garden at home.

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