Accreditation given to Top Five Best Performing Health Departments

The different types of public health departments play a great role in improving the health of the people all over the city. These health departments provide all range of services, including prevention of diseases and infections, providing immunization to children and adults. These health departments are the ones which respond to emergencies as well along with maintaining high levels of sanitized environment.
Public Health Accreditation BoardMaintaining clean, hygienic and sanitized conditions in hospitals is vital. And more important is to ensure that these conditions are properly maintained so that no one catches infection in or around the hospital environment.
Public health accreditation board
PHAB, which is the Public Health Accreditation Board, has awarded 5 year national health accreditation status to five different public health departments this week. This accreditation is based on their high performance. PHAB manages the accreditation program for national health which solely aims at improving the health of the general public. They continue their endeavour by improving the quality of health departments all over. This is done by making changes and improvement in state and local departments and also in tribal departments.
Check out the five best health departments
The five best health departments which have been accredited are the Tulsa health department in Okla. The Chicago department of public health and the Kansas City Missouri health department in the areas of Chicago and Kansas are included. The remaining two departments which were accredited the best were El Paso County public health in the area of Colo and the Central Michigan district health department.
The various health departments which have been accredited by the public health accreditation department range from small to large health departments.
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The Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel said that it is an achievement in the city of Chicago that they are committed to the health and wellness of its people. He further added that they are more concentrated on policies which help the people of the city enjoy high quality of life. They will continue to make Chicago one of the healthiest cities in the world.
A number of health departments are now preparing to get the national accreditation through the PHAB, with the help of this program.
PHAB president, Kaye Bender said that the country should take pride in the health departments which are till date meeting accreditation standards of the health department. He also congratulated the five health departments which were accredited during this program. He also said that during this time when people do not show positive attitude towards the government, these health departments are doing a good work.
How to get the health department accredited?
If a health department wants a national accreditation from PHAB, it has to go through a reviewed assessment procedure and also go through other rigorous quality and safety measures which show that it is capable of being awarded a national accreditation.
The PHAB vice president, Chair Leslie stated that he is proud of the great work and commitment the five health departments have shown.

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