Choosing The Best Lense For Curing Keratoconus

Keratoconus is an eye disease in which the round cornea begins to bulge into a conical shape. Keratoconus may occur in one or both eyes and often influences eyes in the early twenties.The general symptoms are blurred vision, multiple images, halos, glare starbursts around lights. Also, it does not follow and gender predilection. Keratoconus treatment does not require a corneal transplant as there is no possibility of blindness; the distorted cornea can be adjusted to a fine vision by using a quality contact lens. Although there is a solution to the effect of keratoconus, there is no universal cause, and the specific cause is still mostly undetermined. One belief is that has logic of genetics, and some are of the belief that it is complementary to some disease process

Choosing The Best Lense For Curing Keratoconus

Choosing The Best Lense For Curing Keratoconus

This is how object appears to the eyes affected with Keratoconus

The Contact lenses are often the solution for the rectifying the vision that gets decreased mildly or severely by keratoconus. To choose the best lens is one should consider three aspects. First it should fit users eye comfortably, rectifies the vision and is comfortable to wear. However giving due consideration to each case is a must. The process of developing a contact lens is multidimensional. Hence, patience is required along with an experienced keratoconus fitter. As Keratoconus is a disease, that gets updated on a regular basis. It is essential that lenses that have to be applied to deal with it must be made in such a way that it adapts to according to the changes in disease impact. But there is a way to deal with the problem. You can make sure that your lenses get corrected in a frequent period. Now the variety of lense are available according to the severity of the disease. How to choose sincerely one that best suits you is highlighted in next paragraph.

Custom soft contact lenses: – The soft lenses constitutes the advanced technology. Its hydrogel materials and complex mathematics to design it. The specificities offer comfortable wear and excellent vision.

Rigid Contact Lenses: – These are used in first place for correcting vision distracted by KC. The line surface works as the new refractive surface of the eye. Gas permeable is the substances that are used to create the lens. Hybrid Lenses: – This has an RPG center surrounded by a soft periphery. They are suitable to the different parameter to adjust according the requirements of affected people.

Scleral and semi-scleral lenses:- The scleral and semi-scleral lenses are large in diameter. They cover a larger portion of the sclera as compared to a semi-scleral lens. These type of lens don’t put pressure to the part of eye’s which is coned shape. Their shape provides them a more stable fit.

Piggybacking” contact lenses:- IT is a lens build up by adding two lenses together. First it is made up of a soft lens to provide comfort by working as a cushion. Whereas, RGP above it provides an accurate vision.

Apart, from these contact lense there are other methods of correcting the distortion caused Choosing Keratoconus. Those methods are often the last resort to the problems. If the problem is detected and given professional care than the severity of the problem will slow down and contact lenses would be best solutions for the problems caused by Keratoconus.

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