A Weekend In The Lap Of Nature- Matheran

A Weekend In The Lap Of Nature- Matheran

An unpolluted town, Matheran is very beautifully located amidst the Sahyadri Range. No vehicles are allowed beyond a limit to keep the nature intact. The administration also charges a nominal cost to maintain the eco-system and keep the town clean. This small unique town is an attraction to the Mumbai dwellers. Slowly and steadily, Matheran is catching the sight of travellers from other parts of the country. With the influx of more tourists, the number of hotels in Matheran has increased since past decades.

Several points in Matheran offer a spectacular view of the surroundings. A trip to this place ensures a great time. Panorama Point is one such spot which offers a panoramic view. It is just 6 km from the local Matheran Post office. Matheran is a great place to catch the sunrise, the Western Ghats and the lush plains with small villages. When you need a break from the city life and want a tranquil holiday in the lap of nature, Matheran is an apt destination to enjoy.

A Weekend In The Lap Of Nature- Matheran

How to Reach Matheran, especially for the people travelling from outside Mumbai:

Mumbai Airport is 100 km away and it is the nearest one. The airport is well-connected with national and international flights. From the airport, you need to switch to train or road to reach Matheran. You have to take a train from Mumbai to Neral junction. Mumbai railway station is well-connected to all other parts of the country. Check the availability of trains from your city via IRCTC online ticket booking. Neral railway station is located at the foothills. A pleasant and interesting journey starts from Neral to Matheran when you board the toy train – 281 thrilling zigzag turns and 21 km journey between the greenery. In two hours, you will reach Matheran. This 2 ft. gauge line is a UNESCO World Heritage. The breathtaking view when you unwind the way to Matheran is the best part of the journey. This is no reservation toy train, however, tickets are available 45 minutes prior to the journey. If you want to go by road, take Mumbai-Pune Highway NH-4. From Chowk Village, take the road to Karjat which leads to Dasturi Naka that is the entrance to this beautiful town. If you want to travel from Pune, check the route accordingly.

Although the town is small, it is wrapped in many attractions. One Tree Point and Little Chowk Point are outlook points that offer a pleasant view of the surrounding valleys. Horse ride on the muddy slopes is an amazing experience. As the place is bestowed with abundance flora and a good amount of fauna, a nature walk is mandatory to encounter the gift of nature. Matheran has its own charm and it enjoys a less humid climate throughout the year. You can visit any time of the year to experience the different colours of nature. Perhaps, it is already known as the coolest hill station of the region. The place is peaceful despite the huge tourist visits.

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