College Admission Myths You Should Know About

College Admission Myths You Should Know About

Entering a college is one of the scariest and stressful periods in every person’s life. This defining process is surrounded with rumors and myths. There are many requirements and documents an applicant needs to send, like registration form, school leaving certificate, residential proof or certificate, etc. Very often students are asked to write an admission essay, on a given topic in order to let an applicant to reveal his personality, share insights about what he cares about most.  In some cases applicants prefer applying to, because this paper is vital element for successful entrance to university, as entrance essay is a chance to speak to admission officer, to distinguish oneself. 

Every college and every school provides with the list of necessary documents and informs what should not be sent. Sometimes stressed applicants are misinformed and believe in myths; it is not a subject to admission documents, but subject to the whole admission process. What institution to choose, how to enter dream school and many others. Let us clear up what admission myths you should be beware of, when you think about applying to some educational institution.

College Admission Myths You Should Know AboutMyth №1: College Rankings Matter the Most

That is false. Future applicants spent days and nights trying to find the best college, and draw on college rankings. Opinions vary and the evidence is not clear. Try searching the college that will be the best for you and not for an incognito.

Myth №2: You have to Apply to One and Only College

This is very old myth. In fact, there are many good colleges to take into consideration. Do not go to a ‘safety’ college only as the admissions work in different manners now. Even if you get a rejection letter from one college, it won’t mean that you brought your hogs to the wrong market.

Myth №3: Applying is Too Expensive and for that Reason it is Pointless

The sticker price of college education may frighten anybody. If student and his family has a limited amount of money, college tuition might become a very serious obstacle. You may rest assured: less than half of learners are actually paying out the full sum. There are different scenarios to fee: many colleges and private organizations offer financial aid. You try applying for scholarships, grants or getting SAT and admissions fees waived.

Myth №4: The More Extracurricular Activities the Better

Students are being told that they have to be well furnished minds, and that is why they run to extremes. Instead, try throwing yourself into two or three you are truly interested in and becoming an expert. The thing is that many colleges are looking for a specific applicant; if you do not meet that certain definition, you will be refused in spite of all extracurricular activities.

Myth №5: Standardized Tests Define Students’ Future

Actually, the standardized testing counts for a great deal, but let us face it: those tests results do not determine your future. A lot of schools are changing their requirements, as more and more studies discover that the SAT and ACT do not predict success any better than applicants’ high school transcripts. Today too many good students lose a chance to enter schools because of testing and schools working on changing that.

Myth №6: It is Impossible to Enter Good Institution

It is true in some degree, if only institutions like Stanford and Harvard are ‘good’ for you. It is rather difficult and challenging to be accepted to Princeton, but actually it become a thousand times easier to enter a good school. A vast number of selective schools offer more than 50% more seats than there were 30 years ago, for example.

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