Know The Deca Dosage Schedule

Know The Deca Dosage Schedule

Nandrolone Decanoate is one of the most preferred synthetic diet supplements among athletes and body builders. It is a powerful agent which increases body mass by synthesizing protein and building muscle tissues. Although it is a safe steroid with less negative effects, it still requires caution. One needs to understand his/ her body and the chemical structure of the steroid before administering a dose. There are a numerous ways to intake Nandrolone but many of them are banned by the sports authorities worldwide. Because of limited information, amateurs as well as professionals end up taking the wrong amount of dose which makes them physically and medically unfit.

Off- season Dosage

Deca as it is commonly known, should not be administered alone. It should be taken along with testosterone to keep the estrogen levels low and curb the side effects. Many body builders whether professional or amateur are unaware of the actual capability of Deca. The dosage schedule they form is the one which can only pump their muscles and give them a bulky frame. Generally, athletes and body builders prefer taking Deca in off- season when they focus on bulking and strengthening their muscles and end up taking high doses. The high doses may affect a person sexually. An injection each week with a dose of 300- 400mg of Deca is more than sufficient for men.

Know The Deca Dosage ScheduleDosages at the Time of Contests

Since many bodybuilders do not consider Nandrolone Decanoate as a performance improver but only as a bulking agent, and for them cutting its dosage at time of contests is quite tough. Weightlifters do not feel like decreasing the dose which might get really harmful. Due to limited technical knowledge, they keep on administering the same dose of 400 mg which should adequately be decreased by at least 100 mg. This will ensure that the body cools down properly and gets some relief. A dose of 200-300 mg is optimum because heavy workouts and less diet drain all the energy.

Side Effects

The Deca dosage cycle should be of minimum 8 weeks and maximum 12 weeks to reap results. It should not be administered for more than 12 weeks, as it will start affecting the body negatively. It is a slow reacting steroid which takes time to work on the muscles. The major side effects encountered by body builders are erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. This happens because of the high doses of Deca. Although, Deca is known to have less negative effects, high doses may still be harmful. To prevent impotency and sexual problems, one must immediately decrease the quantity of dose and give rest to his body.

It will take around 21 days for Deca to completely come out of the system. Wait for the time and try to balance your hormones. Keep your testosterone levels high and estrogen levels in check. If it means having sex or regular masturbation, do it to balance your testosterone. Do not start taking high doses of testosterone because it will have a contrary effect. After 21 days of rest, start a proper dosage schedule and stick to it. Do not rush, because it won’t get you anywhere.

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