Compare and Contrast Paper – Easy Writing Tips

Compare and Contrast Paper - Easy Writing Tips

A compare and contrast paper explains both the similarities as well as the difference about two concerned subjects, at the same time. It is done in order to prove a point about how the two subjects are complimentary in a definite sense.

Compare and Contrast Paper - Easy Writing Tips

You must be confused from where to start. Let us check it out –

Starting with it

The first thing is to decide the basics of comparison and similarities. Both the things should be clear in your mind. Moreover, do not provide baseless information just to draw comparison. Maintain the same elements while jotting down your points.

For example – if your topic is “cats and dogs as pets”. You can write both the animal can be tamed and make a very good pet. While making out their differences you can write that their food habits are different.

Topic-by-topic differentiation

Before you are making your final copy of the project, start with a rough draft. Survey topic by topic and write down your research points. If needed put questions in your rough draft and then form the final paragraph.

Be very careful while you are making the transitional move as you have to smoothly envelop both the things. In simple words you have to make the whole body balanced and equivalent with each other.

Maintaining the balance

There are times where you will find out more information on one subject than the other. You may think that writing down everything will fetch you good marks. But hold on, it is not the right thing to do. Always remember your essay is about two topics and not one. Therefore, give both the topics equal importance. There is no harm in giving less information but give the correct one.

Writing the differences

This is where most students go wrong, while writing differences your topic should not draw arguments within itself. The differences should be laid out in such a manner that it suits varied interests. For example, if you are drawing conclusion of beaches like Seychelles and Maldives. You can highlight the different scenic beauties, food and cultural heritages. Make it convincing that both are good but in its own way.

Giving Venn-diagrams and pictures

Venn diagrams can quickly give a diagrammatic view about the similarities and the dissimilarities all at once. Make a list of the common things and the contrasting ones. The contrasting ones will not overlap and the common ones will. Make it colorful.

However, do not forget to give pictures before submitting your essay. Pictures make it look nice and increase the reader’s attention. Try to give relevant pictures according to the topics.

Taking professional help

While the compare and similarity can confuse you and take a lot of your time, you can always take professional help. These days there are number of online websites that will immediately draw fruitful comparisons and similarities within no time.

You can check will also save your time and you can focus on your studies and prepare for your exams.


Compare and contrast essays are interesting and great to write as there are transitions within the essay. As you have both the subjects at the same time you can research better, give more information, and make it interesting.  A compare and contrast essay is simple to write than a given topic.

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