Flow Control Valves Are Applied In Cooling Towers and Pneumatic Control Systems

Cooling Tower For Food industry

Flow control valves are special fittings that manufacturers intend for use in sophisticated pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems and cooling towers for food industry. These valves include a set of closed loop, simple tool orifices and a set of electro-hydraulic valves that are finely designed to adjust to the distinct variations in the pressure and temperature of the system.

The flow control valve fittings are applied in a pneumatic system to lower the actual flow rate in a pneumatic circuit’s definite section. This helps to decrease the actuator speed of the pneumatic system.

There is a needle valve that controls the flow in duo directions and there is a flow control valve that is applied to direct the system flow in single direction. This results in free flow of the liquid or gas in the opposite direction.

Cooling Tower For Food industry

The valve has its threaded stem that ensures easy and gradual adjustment of the quantity of regulated flow that is allowed to pass through valve.

At the manufacturing unit, engineers design two types of flow control valves that are applied in pneumatic circuits. Manufacturers take great care of selection and installation of both of these flow control valves as it influence the function and performance of an actuator.

  • Meter Out valve – It is a common control valve type that is designed to control the exhaust flow that is released from the actuator.
  • Meter In valve – Meter in valve has a second name, i.e. reverse flow control valve. As the name suggests, this valve is used to revoke the flow to the actuator itself.

How experts choose a flow control valve for a certain system application?

Experts consider the flow control requirements while choosing a flow control valve for the system application. The actual speed of the actuator is totally defined by the rate of air filled in the input. Experts calculate the air flow at the exhausted output.

How they use these valves in pneumatic systems?

The flow control valve is responsible to direct the energy transfer to the right place inside the system, at the right time. A valve that controls and directs flow ensures that the high energy input stream is directed to the actuator inlet, which offers a path for the low energy system oil.

The different ports of the valves helps form certain required flow patterns, which are used to run the system in efficient way and ensure fast actuator speed to switch on the device.

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