Corporate Murder Mystery Entertainment Events

The corporate world is fast paced, harsh and sometimes quite brutal, so taking time out to relax, unwind and let your colleagues and employees blow off some steam is very important to ensure that your team doesn’t burn out.

With Christmas around the corner, it is time to plan the annual corporate event and you may be looking to do something a little different than the standard office party this year. Corporate entertainment events don’t need to be stuffy or boring. Many more businesses are looking for something out of the ordinary and a corporate murder mystery event ticks all the right boxes.

Corporate Murder Mystery Entertainment Events

Why consider a murder mystery event for your corporate event?

If you want your corporate event to be remembered for all the right reasons, then a murder mystery event is sure to stick in the memory. Often, business events can all blend in to one but by introducing something as unique and original as a murder mystery event, your guests are much more likely to remember your event, and more importantly, the contacts made, and conversations had at the event. Standing out in the corporate world is invaluable and by creating an event to remember, you are much more likely to find your guests will be able to recall names and faces of fellow attendees in the future.

Murder mystery events are also a great new twist on traditional team building exercises which often fill employees with dread just at the mention of them. Your guests can work together to figure out the clues and play detective to find the murderer. You can always add in a competitive element and have your guests work in teams or pairs to catch the culprit or even take part in the set up themselves as they take on a character of their own.

When planning a corporate entertainment event, you will likely be having to plan to entertain a group of people from all different backgrounds, with different ages and styles. Finding something to suit everyone is always difficult but murder mystery events hold a universal appeal with people from all generations and backgrounds being able to get involved in the game.

What types of murder mystery events are available?

Not only are murder mystery events a unique and entertaining idea for your corporate event, they are very flexible too. You can choose to have the actors from your story-line come to you at a venue of your choosing or, alternatively, you can take your colleagues to one of the many hotel venues across the country which will host a murder mystery event. Spend an evening in style in a luxury hotel as you try to deduce the clues or bring the plot to you if you already have a corporate venue.

Not only are the locations flexible, but there is also a wide array of murder mystery plotlines to choose from. Pick a plot, a theme, a time or event, and create a bespoke murder mystery story featuring your own company bigwigs! Revel in Hollywood glamour or travel back to the roaring 20’s. Play Sherlock Holmes or go surreal with an Alice in Wonderland Theme. The possibilities are almost endless so that you can create the perfect corporate entertainment with only a little effort. Your team of actors will take your ideas and do the rest so that you can also join in the fun of finding the killer in your midst.

For a truly original and unique team building activity; a murder mystery evening should definitely be a part of your next corporate event.

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