Damage the fast food can do to your health

I am sure that you have already readen articles and saw many ads, either in malls, in parks, in highways, and in the streets generally, about the damage that smoking and drinking might have on your health, and we are glad that people are being informed on the damage that both of these bad vices can do on the public health.
But there are much less as ads and banners for the damage that fast food can have on your health. In today’s article, we are going to describe the damage in detail.
1 – Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease is the biggest reason for the death rates both in the United States and other countries in other continents. It is a purely scary thing because it both disables the sufferer from being able to work, do production, but also most progress really bad.
The cardiovascular problems that eating fast food produce might either be caused by the obesity problems it produces, or the high content of bad cholesterol and saturated fats that might get your heart arteries blocked.
The fat deposits that might produced might also push on your heart, or apply pressure on the arteries on it, either causing aortic dissection or a stroke.
2 – Cancer
The delicious crumbles that you well know, in deep fried fast food, is actually the leading cause in cancers. The fizzy drinks are able to perforate and modify the structure of cells in the bowels, which are pretty much able to result in bowel cancer. It is a statistic men that who consume fast food more frequent than other test subjects who were not as big as eating on fast food, had a higher risk of prostate cancer and bowel cancers altogether.
So the conclusion will be that fast food is able to cause cancer ovarall.
3 – Liver Disease
It is pretty much a certified fact that fast food has the same effects as hepatitis on the liver. The problems are caused by the enzyme changes. Salads are not an exception either, because that there are not many regulations, fast food joints add anti freeze solutions in small amounts in the salads.
The enzyme changes that fast food creates a condition called a “fatty liver”, which is a condition when triglycerides (a subtype of bad cholesterol) collect in the liver cells, causing the liver to perform less than it should, which creates liver failure in itself.
4 – Type 2 Diabetes Disease
And as it is pretty obvious, all that sugar (which is used to make fast food look crispy and delicious), saturated, reused fat, and salt will cause an insuline defficiency because of the insuline resistance, causing diabetes of type 2.
Diatebes is a very hard disease to treat ( having you have to drink big amounts of water to help the blood dilate, shooting insulin, and not doing big efforts). It is pretty much a disease to protect yourself from.
So overall, today we have learned that fast food, more specifically, eating fast food REGULARLY is a bad idea and is bad for your health too.
Thanks for the read and keep it up!

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