Upcoming In Techology in 2014

Our most loved and respect subject for talking and writing articles, technology, is the fastest growing industry, the biggest niche in the world with the biggest capital, and one that gives thirld word countries an opportunity to join production world-wide.
In today’s article, we are going to write about the technology that has the possibility of being launched and released to the public in 2014, so you are up to date with the exciting things that might happen in the next year.
1 – Touchless gesture in tablets
Would you like to control your tablet with simple finger movements from distance like you were doing magic? Well, we will all have the change to be magicians at our own homes using this new technology that comes in 2014. I have seen this in practice in the 2002 movie “Minority Report”, where Tom Cruise was being able to manipulate a computer with gestures without touching that said computer at all.
Imagine being able to do a drawing, play Angry Birds by actually grabbing the bird, and throwing it on the pigs and structures that you need to hit by making a throwing gesture. The idea gets me excited enough to start researching more about it. Purely awesome!
2 – Electrical Keyboards
These are basically cameras that reflect a keyboard using light on your table or whatever you are using to support the camera, and watches where you touch on the keyboard, gets that input, and sends it to the computer. The reason this would be useful because you do not actually need to do presses ( which are really tiring after a long time, and the actual reason for the rampant RSI in the IT and desk job industries ).
Plus that you will be able to write in the dark, as you do not need to look much at the keys to see them (they are made of light now, remember? ).
3 – Ubuntu Phone
These new types of phones will appear in 2014, where the Ubuntu’s phone operating system will be used as the default operating system for the mobile phone.
Ubuntu Phone is a better option than android because you have much more software for Ubuntu than for Android, and it uses less closed source software than Android.
Users will be presented with a very nice Graphical User Interface where they will be able to organize their contacts, desktop icons much more easier, search applications and contacts faster from a single interface, and will be able to use a fully open source product.
4 – Smart Watches
The top technology companies ( Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Samsung ) are planning to release to the public watches that are able to connect to the internet, help you read your mails, and basically do everything that you are able to do on a tablet.
The use for these watches instead of tablets is that you are able to do anything in a much faster fashion. You can switch with 3 buttons to your mail on your arm instead of whipping up the huge tablet to read it. Plus that it looks really cool!
Thanks for the read and keep it up!

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