Discover Excellent Family Lawyers In Vaughan

Ontario, just like most places in the world has plenty of Lawyers because they are needed for society to function. When you are facing a divorce, you need family lawyers in Vaughan who are highly experienced and have an outstanding reputation. You are now in a legal battle with your spouse and separation is not an option, so you better be certain you get the best family lawyer you can. Definitely consider your children in the matter because they are going to have to go through this as well and it can have damaging effects on their lives if you and your warring spouse do not play it cool.

Discover Excellent Family Lawyers In Vaughan

Child Custody

Child custody is perhaps the most serious issue in a divorce aside from child support and all other agreements concerning the children. Naturally, this is simplified if one spouse doesn’t want the kids at all. Then there is no contest and custody is awarded to the parent who wants to keep the kids. Next, child support and visitation rights along with geographical location agreements will need to be formally and completely attended to.

Usually, however, both parents want the kids. Apparently, since you two are getting a divorce, it will not be possible for both of you to have the kids all of the time. Sometimes one parent is better suited as a caregiver than the other is. Careful consideration needs to be taken into account when the situation involves a child with special needs. Who can best care for this child? How will visitation be arranged and can the other parent handle the special needs as well as the other? Questions like these begin to arise and everything, the entire process, becomes exceptionally complicated. Fortunately, you have the best family lawyers in Vaughan on your side.

Consider Options

It is easy to see how difficult divorce can become. Before taking the final steps to divorce, consider another option. Family lawyers are also trained in something called collaborative law. This is when you and the spouse get together in a room with your lawyers and coaches, possibly a psychologist or family counsellor as well, and attempts are made toward resolving the conflict which has led to the divorce issue in the first place. Definitely do this if you have children. If conflicts can be resolved and reasonable agreements can be legally made to the point of total collaboration, the divorce can be averted and neither of you will have to see the inside of a court room.

Property Division

After all attempts have been made to save a marriage and a family from divorce and these attempts have failed to reach a point of collaboration, dividing joint property is the next process to deal with. If you are both owners of a home, either one of the spouses could end up with the home or it could be sold and the money split by legal agreement. The same is true for cars, furniture, art, and all costly possessions. Regardless of the circumstances, the family lawyers will find a reasonable agreement so property division in the conclusion of the divorce will be as fair as the law allows.

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