Do Your Business Big Data Solutions Have A Visual Component?

Do Your Business Big Data Solutions Have A Visual Component?

Big Data might be big, but it isn’t new. There is nothing we can say about big data itself that can sweep you off your feet. However, we can tell you about new ways to collect and manage big data. Flosum is here to bring a new visual representation of your big data flow.

Research shows, businesses that are successfully using their big data strategies, are nine times more likely to gain loyal customers. These firms are also 23-times more likely to perform better than their market competitors. Your business is sitting on a mountain of data. You only see the tip of the iceberg thanks to old tools that are not apt for handling large quantities of data. Flosum will give you a visual interface to curate and harness customer data.

Do Your Business Big Data Solutions Have A Visual Component?

What is big data for Salesforce?

Customer data includes transaction histories, client profiles, client interactions and transaction records. Each client interaction acts as a data generation point. The initial data is unstructured. An excellent data management tool is all you need to leverage this data generation and pave the way for success. SalesforceDx gives you the chance to create and manage new Salesforce apps in the niche App Cloud. Managing big data will become much easier once you get to see the data generation points.

Adding the visual factor to the UI

Developers are currently using SalesforceDx to gain right vision control. This allows the developers to control the auditing process, a collaboration between different platforms and mitigate the disaster. It makes use of a migration tool to retrieve and use metadata from a component in the live CRM. This paves the way for a new Salesforce environment in Scratch Orgs. You can quickly destroy and manipulate these points that serve as the nexus of big data. The easy creation and deletion process speeds up the development workflow of any conventional Salesforce process.

“The lack of visualization tools is a concerning factor,” explains Thor Olavsrud at CIO. Advanced visualization, like the kind SalesforceDx offers, helps break down the “information silos” and promote the interaction between different types of data. Data interaction is required to leverage the power of big data fully. You need a powerful, flexible and invasive software program that can drill into the bottom of your data pool and find useful information for your marketing and sales strategies.

A complete big data initiative

The only way to discover actionable Business Intelligence (BI) is by using a Big Data Software that is active throughout the organization CRM. You cannot create an effective marketing campaign based only on IT. You need to expand the horizons of your existing data mining plans. Your global exploration and queries should be a function of data mining tools that any expert can access from any point in the business cloud.

Author Bio:

Lucy Jones is a big data expert who has been working with to develop global tools for big data mining. She thinks optimization of business data is only possible if the user can visualize all data interactions and relations.

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