Understanding Recruitment Tracking Software

Modernization of a company’s tasks by implementing latest trends in the field has become an inevitable job for all businesses in today’s competitive world. Success, reputation and profit in a business are directly proportional to the efficient hold and management of different sections of a company. Technology in collecting, processing and systematically utilizing digital information has proved to have played a significant role in the development of a business. Like a machine needs right parts and tools at right time to function properly, a company also needs to have sufficient number of efficient employees for a specific period of time. To maintain required number of employees, a company has to keep the recruitment process alive and happening.

Understanding Recruitment Tracking Software

Here comes the role of technology in creating tracking software through which the entire details of applicants are processed to filter them according to the requirement of the company. Traditional applicant tracking systems used to consume ample time and doesn’t permit the recruiter to expand the recruiting processes to multiple platforms. It is now replaced by modern system so that recruiters could efficiently manage the entire hiring process of a company.

Recruiting platforms which provide a range of features in online applicant tracking system are configurable career sites to promote employment brand. Custom application, screening forms, Social Media integration, dashboards, candidate resource information and analytical reports on important aspects of the site are openly available for information. Sharing of jobs information across social networks linking the same to recruiters is harvesting beneficial results and this is all possible due to the recruitment software. Advanced application tracking software meant for recruitment that perform the following tasks for an employer:

  • Referrals through social networking sites
  • Crafting the concept of Talent pools
  • Engaging aspiring talented people
  • Screening through Video conferencing
  • Hiring candidates

Conventional Applicant Tracking System has comparatively less features and is part of a complete recruiting software platform that paces up the complete process of recruitment from sourcing to on boarding.

Talent pools:

As you can’t hire every qualified applicant, you should treat them all like interested customers. It’s called building a talent pool. And just like marketers have technology to nurture prospect databases, recruiters create, interact with, grow, and analyze a living network of quality candidates.

Encourage existing employees to refer candidates:

Referrals are relatively simpler, economic and faster to avail as a source than the alternative types of sources. Conduct pay programs for right references and this encourages the employee referrals after all it is your employees who know what kind of employees your organization needs.

Screen candidates easily and quickly with video.

You’ve got ample number of applicants—now what? Narrow down the pile of resumes without wasting valuable time on scheduling unnecessary interviews. Most of those candidates may not hold good for your company. It is an easy task for the recruiting teams and candidates to connect when it’s convenient for both parties using on-demand video interviews or Skype interviews.

Like different tools are used to strengthen different parts of a machine, usage of better software applications yield better results and better tools utilized at appropriate time and place increase production and  Profit undoubtedly. Explore the new technology to stay ahead in the market.

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