Easy Tips To Find A Good WordPress Hosting Provider

Choosing a WordPress hosting provider is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make for your business. There are many things that you should consider before you make a choice and some of these have been listed below:

  • One of the most important things to consider is the page speed. How long your site takes to load will significantly influence your search engine rankings. It is seen that almost 47% of the users tend to abandon a website if the web page fails to load within a couple of seconds. So, even the slightest delay can cause a huge loss in revenues. At the same time you need to remember that regardless of how good your web host is, if you have an excessive number of plug-ins on the site or the theme is faulty, your site speed can be affected.
  • Before you sign up with a WordPress hosting provider, you need to understand whether shared hosting is good for you. Shared hosting options are the most cost-effective and excellent for start-ups. There may be a lot of overcrowding on a shared platform and users have limited flexibility and control. But when the site starts to expand, the traffic increases and the results are low response times. This happens because there are too many sites using resources from the same server. Shared hosting plans often suffer from delayed responses too because the providers are overburdened with thousands of queries at a time. The provider rarely employs WordPress experts to handle such queries. The only advantage you get from shared WordPress hosting is cost-effectiveness. You are also free to run multiple scripts besides WordPress and you do not have to be concerned about website administration.
  • To get a WordPress hosting provider you must decide whether to choose managed WordPress or self-managed hosting. Given the fact that many sites run on WordPress today, there is a steadily growing demand for WordPress hosting solutions. The managed WordPress hosting solutions will take care of back-end tasks for running a WordPress blog. So, you can be free to focus your efforts on selling products instead of worrying about site administration. Moreover a WordPress host will also have the expertise to make your website presence even greater by increasing uptime, page loading speed, security etc. The managed plans are obviously costlier than shared hosting plans but the advantages outweigh the costs especially for smaller companies.
  • When you choose a reputed WordPress hosting provider India, you can rely on their technical support systems; they can advise you on plug-ins and themes, updates and settings.
  • A managed WordPress host will also deploy the right measures to tighten security for your website. They can identify malicious plug-ins or themes and they will prevent your site from being hacked. The biggest threat for WordPress users is running outdated versions of the CMS. However, when you choose a reputed host, it will take care of updating core files so that your site runs seamlessly.
  • WordPress hosting providers will typically have their caching systems which are custom-built and which are speedier than plug-in ones. Carrying out regular backups is critical for any website and you do not realize its value till the time you find it hard to recover data when the hard drive crashes. With managed WordPress solutions, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your data will be backed up routinely.
  • When you choose a virtual private server, you may face issues like bad neighbors that eat up into your server’s resources. VPS services can be of different types, ranging from fully-managed VPS solutions to unmanaged solutions. When you choose managed solutions, your costs will increase but you will have the host to monitor the servers so as to lower the downtimes. VPS is cost-effective and flexible allowing for single-click WordPress installations.
  • Another factor to consider when looking for a WordPress web host is dedicated servers; these can be rented exclusively for one’s needs. Users get complete control over the OS and scripts, software and hardware. Dedicated servers are not suited for smaller businesses and start-ups; only when you get high incoming traffic should you opt for this hosting solution. It is recommended that you sign up for managed hosting when you lack the expertise and experience to handle servers on your own. WordPress hosts offering fully managed hosting solutions will give you full-time administrators for server management.

Finally, you must consider the costs of WordPress hosting before you sign up with just any provider. The costs can vary dramatically, ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars in just a month. You need to compare the features and prices well before you make a choice. It is advisable to pay slightly more to ensure that the site performance is not compromised.

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