Live In Carers- A Full-Time Homecare Solution

Live-in carers are an integral part of a full-time homecare solution offered by reputed and established care companies in the UK. The key role of a live in carer is to look after the overall well-being of an individual assigned to their care by their company. A carer has to live in the home of a care company’s customer, and assist the customer in his/her day-to-day life. As such, carers largely help people to carry out their daily tasks in the comfort of their home; thus enabling them to pursue a lifestyle of their choice.

Care companies provide proper induction training to live-in carers, so that they can efficiently perform their duties as extraordinary nursing experts for people who are largely confined to their homes. Carers help their company’s customers in their everyday routine, as well as in their personal care and other sensitive issues. They offer the customers basic help within the house, and also take care of their medication and mobility.

Live In Carers- A Full-Time Homecare Solution

One of the main responsibilities of a carer is to keep the customers engaged. They have to chat with the individuals in their care, listen to them, and probably even help them in their correspondence with others. Hence, to fulfil the mentioned role, it is essential that a carer should be a patient listener, and should have excellent communication skills in both verbal and written English.

The work of a live in carer is a 24/7 job, though they are entitled to sufficient breaks in accordance with their company’s policy. The carers of most care companies are entitled to a stipulated weekly salary, as well as food, accommodation and travel contribution paid. In addition, care companies also manage the carers’ tax and national insurance, and pay them statutory sickness benefit.

With the approach of care companies to live-in support and care being ‘person-centred,’ the carers are trained to be kind, caring and compassionate. In addition, they are required to behave in a friendly manner with the customers, and be enthusiastic about their responsibility towards the customers. They have to bear in mind the fact that the care company’s customers are real people who have their families, their own likes and dislikes, and have been following set routines and lifestyles for several years. Essentially, carers have to consider themselves as one of the members of the customer’s family.

Most of the leading care companies in the UK recruit their care staff from within the country, and also from overseas, provided that they fulfil the country’s ‘work eligibility’ conditions. Some of the companies from which care staff is recruited by UK care companies include France, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, and Canada, among a few others. The companies ensure that a live in carer they provide to their customer has the capability to bring about a notable improvement to the customer’s quality of life; and also enable them to live in their home for longer, on their own terms. No wonder then that care companies mostly look for carers who are passionate about care, and have worked with a well-regarded care company for at least six months!

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