Effect Of Ovarian Cyst On Women’s Health

About Ovaries:

Women’s body and mind are the most complex things in this universe. There are very few who can understand them properly. There are two little organs can be seen on both sides of the uterus. These are known as the ovaries. One of the most important organ in women’s body because it directly affects the productivity of a woman. It controls the process of pregnancy. They not only produce hormones like estrogen but also release eggs. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for menstruation cycle. The ovulation process within women is controlled by these tint organs namely ovaries. The importances of ovaries are hence very immense. If you find any kind of irregularities in ovaries then it will certainly affect the health of the women gravely. The total reproduction system of women will be jeopardized. Hence every woman should aware about problems like ovarian cyst and their symptoms to stay away from any future complications.

Effect Of Ovarian Cyst On Women’s Health

What Is Ovarian Cyst?

First of all we should be pretty much aware about what the cyst is all about. Sacs fill with fluid are called cysts and if they appear over ovaries then they are certainly ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are not so rare and it is very commonplace. In the very critical period of pregnancy when the women are bearing their child cysts are very commonly developed in that period. Ovarian cysts can be pretty much categorized into several types, but functional cysts are the mostly found cysts. These kinds of cysts are generally observed during the ovulation period. The reasons are also very simple. At the time of ovulation if the ovaries do not release eggs, then very high chance that the cysts will appear. There is another logic that if the follicle does not get disappeared after the eggs are released, then also there is a chance of ovarian cysts.

PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome is also very common. These kinds of cysts are very dangerous and we should know why they appear. The eggs are generally getting matured in the follicles and every month after a certain period they are released. If this process does not happen due to the failure of follicle to get open then cysts are formed. Hence a periodical review is must if you are observing any kind of irregular menstruation cycle. It is also said that this kind of cysts are not very painful. If we talk about Endometriomas then we should know that these are painful. This is also a kind of cyst that also appears over ovaries. In this case if the tissues in uterus form any kind of lump in any part of the uterus including ovaries then they become very painful. It affects fertility to the highest level. Cystadenomas are also another type of ovarian cyst. It appears generally on the surface. These are observed with a lot of fluid in general. If you are affected by Dermoid cysts then that can be a very stressful thing to bear. These generally contain a lot of tissue and the tissues are not particularly from the uterus. It can be from any part of the body. Hence, women should aware of all these kinds of cysts to stay healthy.

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