Why We Shouldn’t Be Depended On Statin Drugs?

Cholesterol-lowering drugs are among maintenance drugs that many people need to take to control their conditions. The process starts when our doctors decide that our blood cholesterol has reached a level that’s considered as excessive by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Then, doctors will usually prescribe cholesterol-lowering statin drugs that alter the chemistry of our blood and lover. This will reduce the internal production of cholesterol by our liver. In general, it isn’t always a good idea to interfere the natural productions of compounds that can be essential for our body functions. Much of our cholesterol is produced by liver, because our body tends to think that it requires more cholesterol. The industry has a commonly defined level of cholesterol that should be detected in blood.

Many doctors also want to keep their jobs as simple as possible. So, they simply write a prescription to allow patients to take statin drugs. Statin will artificially attack the capability of our liver in producing enzymes and hormones, not just cholesterol. Actually, there’s a possibility that our body is actually right and it needs more cholesterol. Doctors tend to look only at our cholesterol levels and they don’t consider whether cholesterol is needed for specific purposes. Although it is often blamed for cardiovascular illnesses and strokes, cholesterol is actually essential for the production of estrogen, testosterone, vitamin D and various hormones that are needed to regulate our body functions. Cholesterols are actually a potent antioxidant that can fight effects of free radicals. As an example, unsaturated vegetable oils are known source of free radicals.

Why We Shouldn’t Be Depended On Statin Drugs

Cholesterol is also essential for the production of bile and it can provide structural supports for our cells. Cholesterols could aid us to fight against aberrant cells that can grow into cancer or tumor. Our body also uses cholesterol to any tiny fissures on our coronary arteries due to excessive carbohydrate consumption. If the doctors believe that they need to address the high cholesterol levels, then they also need to determine the underlying problems. Once the actual causes are determined, they should be able to eliminate causes. Our cholesterol level will eventually drop and it isn’t necessary to take toxic pills each day. They should be able to accurately interpret our blood test results, instead acting as agents for the lucrative pharmaceutical industry. Irresponsible health professionals will only sell us daily doses of potentially toxic pills that can progressively alter our liver.

Statins could represent very dangerous interferences with the normal production of our liver. Even so, we should still take statins if we are at higher risks of inflammation on the coronary arteries, which is an actual cause of many coronary heart problems. However, we should be able to reduce inflammation by eating food rich in vitamin E and C. It is also important to reduce carbohydrate consumption to ensure that our blood insulin levels can be put under control. We should also cut back on consuming foods rich on trans fat, especially if they contain plenty of vegetable oils.

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