Understanding Energy

Importance Of Energy

Energy is very important in our everyday life. We all require energy to do our work. In terms of physics, energy is the entity which enables us to perform any type of work. Without energy, there would be no work at all. This is the reason why energy is so important to all of us. The importance of energy is also because of the fact that energy is limited. One cannot be unaware about conservation of energy. Energy is required in large amounts to perform work. This leads to its consumption and scarcity. This makes it essential to use energy resources economically. In spite of having multiple sources of energy, it is very important to use them carefully.

Understanding Energy

Various Sources Of Energy

Energy is easily inter-convertible to various energy forms. This makes it easy to use energy wisely. There are various energy sources like light, air, water and many more. These are natural resources. Apart from these, there are many sources which are not natural. Electrical energy is one such example. Electricity is generated from various natural sources like water and air. This electrical energy is then used to perform various works. Most devices and gadgets work on electricity. These devices are used to perform various difficult tasks from washing clothes to heating and cooking food. This helps humans in living a great life. Sun is the most important source of energy. This source is used directly or indirectly by everyone. Plants and trees prepare food with the help of sunlight. These are then consumed by other animals. Thus, energy is passed from the sun to all the living organisms. This energy is stored in the body in muscles and used by other organisms in their everyday activities. Thus, the sun is the biggest and the most important source of energy.

Energy And Living Things

Humans use energy for various purposes. The reasons for usage may be luxury, work, help in difficult tasks and so on. In other living things, the use of energy is less. They only use it for their basic life activities. Energy is consumed by the means of food. This food is then stored in the body. While performing work, oxidation of this food takes place and energy is given out. This energy is used by these animals in their work.

Need For Conservation Of Energy

Since energy is limited and used by everyone, it is essential to use it with care. One must try to minimize wastage of energy. It is also important to recycle energy and energy sources for proper usage. It is also very essential to store energy. This stored energy can later be used for various purposes. Since sun is the biggest and easily available source, one must try to store energy from the sun. For this purpose, solar cells are made and used in many places. They store energy by absorbing from the sun and can be used like any other stored energy device. It is essential to spread awareness about energy conservation. Undue wastage and over-usage of energy must be prevented.

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