Empower Your Team to Work from Anywhere

Cloud computing offers an excellent opportunity to businesses looking to reduce infrastructure costs and improve the work performance at the same time.  There are a number of cloud based tools, but the two main ones are shared below to help your team work do high quality from anywhere.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud oriented service that makes it easy for business to collaborate and share work with the customers, partners and colleagues online. The software makes it easy for employees and IT administrators to access internal sites, files and other type of information remotely without physically present at the office.

Benefits of SharePoint Online

Instead of working on a platform to build and manage the office resources, you can use SharePoint online to get a number of benefits. All it requires is an active internet connection and a monthly licensing fee to get access to its services.

For the regular project and work team software, you need to have a take care of the server operating system, the internet information and the SQL server database. In addition, you need to installation of regular components, configuration and updates, which can consume a lot of time and cost. Signing up for SharePoint Online gives you flexibility to work in a comfortable environment without worrying about the installation and management of software components, making up the platform. Microsoft SharePoint online takes care all these daunting tasks and are included in the SharePoint Online Pricing package.

The upgrades are also handled by Microsoft without an additional cost. The service is secure and is monitored 24/7 in Network Operation Centers to eliminate any chance of data theft or a security breach.

No More Data Discrepancy, Loss or Theft Issues

SharePoint online platform includes a data backup and disaster recovery plan in addition to its data redundancy and security issues. In short, SharePoint Online provides an excellent collaboration environment, to help you develop business solutions without worrying about the hardware, software and security plans. Everything is included in the pricing to help customers focus fulltime on their work.

Cloud Desktops

Cloud Desktop is another popular technology that allows users to host virtual desktops on a cloud server. CloudAppsPortal.com makes the automation of time consuming tasks such as logging and signing out into each and every enterprise computer for making even the smallest changes.

A major upgrade takes place just once at the vendor’s console; with changes taking place on a virtual desktop when they are signed in. Clouddesktoponline.com provides extremely affordable Cloud desktop solutions for small firms, relieving them from the responsibility of setting and maintaining an infrastructure.

Benefits over Conventional Desktop Systems


Enterprises only have to pay the cost of setting up a cloud virtual desktop environment. This reduces the price of hardware capital by 56% with reduction in the ongoing expenditures. A virtual desktop costs half the amount of a physical PC as it does not require a local hard disk for storage. It also does not consume much electricity.

A conventional desktop work system also requires regular upgrades adding to company expenditures. On the other hand, the virtual desktop maintains to stay unchanged helping users to save time and money.

Prevents Data Loss

PCs in a conventional business environment are prone to damages in emergency situations such as fire eruption, floods and earthquake. Cloud Desktop ensures security of your data, as everything is stored at a remote server. in addition, the Free Cloud Desktop services also makes it possible for employees to access and work on their systems and applications without a hindrance in the event of an accident or a natural disaster at the workplace.


Virtual Cloud Desktop also allows employees to access work and personal files from anywhere using any device such as Smartphone, tablets as well as conventional desktops and laptops.  The set can be done on both Linux and Windows based operating systems on different devices.

Virtual desktop also doesn’t require you to close or save files on your desktop whenever you turn off your device. The files can remain open on a virtual desktop, providing access from every location.

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