When To Take Xenical

When To Take Xenical

Obesity is world’s biggest problem. Millions of Americans eat more than their fair share of food, or often even the wrong food, which can cause fat to accumulate over a long period. One day the overweight person realizes that they may have a weight issue and decide to do something about it. Xenical is a medication that is used to treat obesity. Together, with a complete weight loss program, it can be an effective way to lose weight. But should just anyone take Xenical, or should it only be used at certain times?

Xenical is a synthetic drug that has been created to work within your pancreas. It can block enzymes that are used to digest fat and instead pushes fat through your digestive system undigested. It’s most commonly used to treat obesity but isn’t meant for long-term use. You and your physician will need to decide together if it’s right for you.

Xenical is not a complete cure for obesity. You’re going to have to step up and take responsibility for your health. Your doctor will give you a thorough check-up and place you on a fitness program. You’ll also be required to change your diet. If you’re onboard with these changes, you can be prescribed Xenical as an additional aid to losing weight.

When To Take Xenical

It’s important to maintain a special diet because once the weight comes off, you’re going to need to learn how to keep it off. You can’t remain on Xenical for the rest of your life. Xenical also only works on fats, and not on calories that you may obtain from sugars or carbohydrates in your meals.

You’ll also need to follow instructions from your doctor and pharmacist on how to take the medication. You may wish to read the medication insert, and go online for complete details.

Xenical is recommended to be taken with water about one hour after a meal. It’s important that the meal contains some fat content. If you simply eat a plain salad or skip a meal, then you’ll want to skip your dosage of Xenical too.

It’s recommended that your meals contain no more than 30% of fat content, as otherwise you’ll experience side effects. It’s also recommended that you split your fats, proteins, and carbs into three even portions, for each of the three main meals throughout the day.

Do not take Xenical whenever you want, or more often than recommended. Follow the instructions.

A multi-vitamin should be taken when you’re taking Xenical, as it can cause these nutrients to be expelled from your system before they are absorbed. Take your vitamins, at least, two hours away from taking Xenical.

If you’re taking any other prescription medication, you may need to take it three or four hours away. Follow the instructions to the pharmacist.

You should begin to see results in two week’s time. Be sure to check in with your physician on a regular basis, in case you need to adjust when to take Xenical.

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