Are Duvet Covers A Good Buy?

Duvet cover

Duvet covers were first created In Europe and found their way to the rest of the world over the centuries and are now a standard part of most bed linen sets in New Zealand. But are these duvet covers really worth the spend? Or would you just be better off using a plain comforter to match your bed linen.

Duvet covers that match bed linen:

Are Duvet Covers A Good Buy?It’s easy for your bedroom to get monotonous with the same comforter/duvet sprawling over your bed every day. Considering the costs of duvets covers available at most stores in New Zealand, you really can’t buy a whole bunch of sets like you would bed linen.

Since duvet covers are more like a pillowcase for a duvet, these are far more cost effective than buying an entirely new duvet. This means you can pick up a lot more types of duvet covers with all kinds of colours and designs to suit your mood, and match with your bed linen sets without having to buy brand new duvets every time.

Duvet covers cost a lot lesser than duvets:

Most duvets start at price ranges over the $100 mark while duvet covers start as low as the $30 mark. So getting as many duvet covers as you might like isn’t going to be as painful on the wallet as buying duvets put together in all kinds of colours and designs.

Duvet cover and maintenance:

While most duvet’s can be washed many need to be dry cleaned and this is usually mentioned on the label. If you were to wash them yourself they are usually bulky and difficult to constantly clean and dry. Duvet covers provide the benefit of ensuring that the duvet doesn’t get soiled too often while the Duvet cover which is lot lighter and easier to handle can go in for a regular wash. Drying duvet covers is a whole lot easier and quicker than a duvet as well.

It’s obvious that duvet covers are clearly very helpful but in order to make the best of them and your bed linen, below are a few dos and don’ts:

  • Always ensure that the duvet cover is tightly pressed in while placing over the duvet. This will help ensure that the duvet with the cover are comfortable to use.
  • One of the benefits of a duvet cover is that it can be washed and dried a lot more conveniently than the duvet itself. Nevertheless it is important that a duvet cover is washed exactly as mentioned on the label by the manufacturer and dried completely before placing it back on the duvet
  • Shake and evenly spread out the filling inside the duvet. A duvet that has feathers bunched up together can become even more uneven once a duvet cover is placed on.
  • Although the frequency of washing a duvet can be reduced if your using a duvet cover, do remember that washing the duvet is still necessary albeit at a lesser frequency. Always ensure the duvet has been left out to dry for a sufficient amount of time(often a bit more than a day with the right weather) before slipping on the duvet cover

A duvet cover is pretty much a necessary part of your bed linen set and with a little care can ensure not only the life of your duvets but also keep your bedroom vibrant. And with bed linen and even probably your curtains and upholstery to match, duvet covers are definitely a great buy.

Tip to remember: Always choose a reputed seller to buy quality duvet covers or bed linen in New Zealand.

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