How To Achieve An Impressive Makeover In 5 Steps With Limestone

Kitchen Makeover

Revamping the kitchen could be easily one of the most time consuming and daunting tasks. Right from selecting the kitchen layout to choosing the most appropriate décor theme – a lot of thought goes into it before the final decision making. Once the kitchen layout and theme are decided, one has to spend a lot of time and effort in choosing the most ideal kitchen countertops, cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, tiles, wall claddings, and so on.

London architects have plenty of options when it comes to kitchen worktops, floorings, wall-claddings and backsplashes. For instance, they may choose granite or marble for kitchen countertops or may also go for quartz, quartzite or travertine and limestone worktops available in London.

There is no reason to feel overwhelmed or apprehensive. This post brings to you five simple steps that can help you build your dream kitchen.

Step 1: Finalize the Kitchen Layout

How To Achieve An Impressive Makeover In 5 Steps With LimestoneThe first step to your kitchen makeover is to plan your kitchen space. You may take help from free online kitchen layout template tools or seek professional help in finalizing the layout for your kitchen. The template must cover all critical aspects such as layout (galley or U-shaped or L-Shaped or Island), placement and dimensions for sink, hobs, chimney, drainers etc; the type, and positioning of kitchen appliances, the number, width and height of cabinets and shelves, and so on. As the template serves as the basis for the entire makeover, try to avoid making any alterations once the plan is finalized or during installation.

Step 2: Decide the Kitchen Décor Theme

How To Achieve An Impressive Makeover In 5 Steps With LimestoneJot down all your aesthetical requirements. These may include colour, texture and type of your worktops and cabinets to the type of flooring, wall tiles and backsplashes. Decide on the kind of look and feel that you want for your revamped kitchen. Budget plays an important role here. You may seek expert guidance and advice from leading London based stone suppliers and dealers when it comes to choosing the right stone kitchen worktop, flooring, tiles, wall claddings and backsplashes. A wide array of options in terms of texture, colour shades, and patterns are available in granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, travertine and limestone worktops in London, U.K.

Step 3: Prepare the Kitchen for Makeover

How To Achieve An Impressive Makeover In 5 Steps With LimestoneOld worktops, cabinets, flooring, wall tiles and claddings – all of these should be removed properly so that the kitchen is ready for the makeover. All plumbing and electrical works must be completed prior to installation of the new kitchen.

Step 4: Installation

How To Achieve An Impressive Makeover In 5 Steps With LimestoneComplete the flooring for your kitchen first. The cabinets should be in place, fixed to the wall and level. Ensure all your appliances (especially the built-in ones) are on site and disconnected so that the stone worktops can be cut and sized to ensure appropriate fit. Units on top of the worktops should be fixed after the new worktop is in place. Backsplashes and tiles should be installed after the countertops are in place. Plastering can take place before or after the worktops are installed.

Step 5: Wall Colouring

How To Achieve An Impressive Makeover In 5 Steps With LimestoneColouring the walls of your kitchen after everything else has been put in place is the last step to achieve an impressive kitchen makeover.

Remember, worktops and floorings are an essential part of your kitchen makeover. It is always advisable to make your choice after going through all available options. Reputed stone suppliers are offering an extensive range of choices in all types of stone work surfaces and floorings including limestone worktops in London marketplace. Make a wise decision based on the theme of the décor and budget.

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