Everything You Need To Know Before Switching To Solar Power

Everything You Need To Know Before Switching To Solar Power

Reducing carbon footprint is the need of the hour. If you switch over to solar power, then you can reduce carbon footprint considerably. You can be happy that you are really making a wonderful contribution in making the world go green. Apart from helping the earth you can also reduce your electricity bills. Before switching over to solar power, there are some important things to be considered.

Everything You Need To Know Before Switching To Solar Power

Things to be considered before installing solar panels in your home

  1. Types of panels

You should select the right panel to suit your home. The factors to be taken into consideration include space availability, electricity consumption and budget.

  1. Incentives

The Federal Government provides 30 % tax credit for all properties that install solar panels to convert solar energy into usable energy. Local tax incentives are given by municipalities and state. You should make sure that you make use of all financial incentives provided by the Government.

  1. Maintenance

Dust and dirt are sure to get accumulated on the panels. The dirt will surely affect the effectiveness of your panel. You should remember that cleaning the panels at least 3-4 times a year is necessary.

  1. Surroundings

Is your home surrounded by shadow casting tall trees and tall buildings? The output produced will be significantly reduced if too much shade falls on the panels. Trees casting shadow should be trimmed.

  1. Insolation of sun

The amount of solar radiation that hits the ground is called the insolation of your area. The more the insolation the more will be the power generated. If you live in a place with high insolation, the number of solar panels needed will be lesser than the number of solar panels needed in an area with low insolation.

  1. Type of roof

Can solar panels be installed in my home? This is the question asked by many. Why is this question asked? It is because it is believed that solar panels cannot be installed in certain types of roof like Spanish tiles and metal roofing etc. In reality it is not true. Solar panels can be installed on all types of roofs. The type of mounting may vary from roof to roof but installation is possible in all types of roof.

  1. Building permits

Building permit rules differ from city to city because all permit rules are laid at the local level and not at the federal level. Find out more details on your building permit rules and check that you have followed all permit rules.

  1. The right contractor

You should find the right contractor who is licensed, insured and certified contractor. An experienced contractor is a better option.

Cost is another important factor. It should not step up beyond your budget. After considering all important things, you can proceed to switch over to solar system. If you have any doubts and if you are looking for a best solar dealer, you should visit http://sempersolaris.com/benefits-solar-energy/. All your doubts will be cleared and you can be happy that you have found a trustworthy dealer.

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