How Kiosk Options In Office 365 Can Boost Your Business?

Microsoft takes the cloud to the next level with its new world where the goal is “cloud first, mobile first.” Office 365 Free Trial is the perfect cloud offering from Microsoft and there is nothing that highlights it more than the Exchange Online. Cloud hosted email has become a mature technology, contributing to overall business success. The number of corporate accounts has continued to grow and is expected to cross a billion accounts already.

Including Exchange Online for Your Business

Now with the inclusion of Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365, available at, it is the right time for incorporating or migrating Exchange Online into your organization’s infrastructure plans. It has become easier to deploy Exchange and have your email running in a short time with Exchange Online. All you have to do is plan the implementation. As your organization grows, you can easily add users and keep track of the licensing costs on per-user basis.

More Flexible & Improved Cloud Incorporation into Your IT Strategy

When you incorporate the cloud into your overall IT strategy, your organization becomes more flexible than just having an on-premise / in-the-cloud only IT strategy. Complex Exchange environments help in getting the best of both worlds. You will also be able to readily migrate your users or add users. Even when you acquire another business, you can easily incorporate the new users with Exchange Online. Adopting the new users is also easy and you can get them up and running instantly. You can easily migrate your users to and back from Exchange Online as and when required.

Choose the Right Plans

There are different Exchange Online Plans and you should choose the one that ideally meets your business requirements. The Exchange Online Plan 1 gives you full license, but the Exchange Online Kiosk license comes with specific limitations for businesses that don’t want to purchase the full license. The Kiosk license has limitation to the mailbox size and connection through Outlook Web App / smartphone (but not for Outlook / tablets). This license is cheaper and can be the ideal option for businesses looking to offer lightweight / occasional access to organization information and email.

Who Should Choose Office 365 Kiosk

Like most Microsoft products, Office 365 Kiosk also provides different levels of functionality for different licenses. Office 365, the cloud platform, also has staggered levels with Enterprise licenses within the E1 to E4 plans. Kiosk licenses are targeted at users requiring access to information (SharePoint) and email (Exchange) but are usually mobile or working from different places. They are not essentially sitting behind one desk. This includes shift-based workers, factory floor workers, and others who don’t need to work on the desktop / Office all the time. This is the reason the licenses were called Deskless Worker licenses earlier. There are many Kiosk options to choose from. You can choose it as a bundle or as Exchange Online standalone license.

Importance of Microsoft Cloud Service Provider

When you buy Kiosk Options in Office 365 directly from Microsoft, you cannot expect to get direct end-user support if and when you face any issues. Microsoft allows you to appoint a single IT team administrator who is the only one that can contact them. At the same time, you can contact them via phone only for their standard critical issues list, and not for any other issues.

On the other hand, when you buy the cloud-based solution from Apps4Rent (a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider), you will be able to get complete end-user support. You will be getting assistance from installation and migration to deployment. There is 24×7 end-user support via emails, live chats, and phone calls. They can help in resolving all types of issues you may face during or post-migration. You will get free 24×7 end-user support when you buy Kiosk Options in Office 365 from Apps4Rent. They provide a 24-hour issue resolution time with maximum response time of 60 seconds for phone calls / chats and 15 minutes for emails.

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