Famous Couples In Sports

There are many popular couples in the world of sports. One of the more popular was Chris Evert, the popular American female tennis player, and Greg Norman, a golfer from Australia. Chris married quite a few times before, previously with another tennis player from UK, John Lloyd and a skier from United Stated, Andy Mill. Chris paid $7 million for her divorce settlement, while Norman paid his ex wife $128 million for settlement, so it must have been a true love for both of them.

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassis is possible the ultimate couple in tennis. They were married in 2001 in Las Vegas. Agassi won eight single Grand Slam titles, while Graf won a whopping 22 titles. They have two kids, Jaz and Jaden Gil. The couple is now running a school for at-risk children in Las Vegas. Nancy Chaffee was at the 4th position in worldwide femal tennis, when she married a Hall of Fame baseball player, Ralph Kinner. Later, she was divorced and married the long-time CBS TV sports announcer, Jack Whitaker. She dies in 2002 at age 73 after suffering cancer.

Nadia Comaneci is a popular gymnast from Romania and she won five gold medals in Olympic in uneven bars, balance bars and all-around. She was the first gymnast who scored a perfect 10 in this event. Bart Conner was also a gymnast and he won gold medal in 1984. The two met first met in 1976 and get married 20 years later. Nadia Comaneci is now an American citizen and she runs a gymnastic school in Oklahoma. She also does much charity work and TV commentaries.

Mia Hamm is probably the most famous female soccer player in the United States and she led his team to win Olympic gold twice, in 1996 and 2004. She holds record-breaking number of international goals, at 158 goals. She’s married with Nomar Garciaparra, a popular baseball player.

Nancy Lopez is a popular female golfer for a long stretch. She won nearly 50 tournaments and three majors in the LPGA Championship. She was a player who shows the excellence and length of her career. She is married with Ray Knight, a baseball players who spend 13 years in the Major League with various teams. They have three daughters and after he retired, he briefly caddied for Nancy.

Misty May won two gold medals in beach volleyball in 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics. Matt Treanor is a backup catcher with the Marlins and they met in a clinic in California. Julianne McNamara won gold for uneven bars gymnastic in 1984 Olympics and she’s married with Todd Zeile, who was a third baseman and a catcher. The couple appeared in numerous movies and TV series. Two other popular couples in sports are Anne Meyers, a basketball player and Don Drysdale, who once played for Dodgers. The other is Kristi Yamaguchi, a figure skating athlete and Bret Hedican, a hockey player. Each year, new sports couples get married and make the list longer.

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