Find Out About Detectable Pens and Why They Are Better For Business

Find Out About Detectable Pens and Why They Are Better For Business

When working in a food preparation environment or factory setting, it’s important that you have complete confidence in the equipment that you use, and Klipspringer stock a full range of the highest-quality detectable pens from Retreeva Global, one of the most trusted brand names on the market. Unbreakable and with unique contouring for maximum ease of use, these pens are available in a range of colours and styles, and their regular, pressurised or gel inks are specially designed for a longer writing life.

Find Out About Detectable Pens and Why They Are Better For Business

Prevention over Detection

The Retreeva Global pen is the favoured choice of countless auditors, managers and operatives working in a factory setting, and they are designed with the priority being prevention over detection. Should the worst happen, however, these pens do not contain springs, are fully x-ray-detectable and completely shatter-proof, meaning there is no risk of small parts ending up in the comestible goods being processed.

Retreeva Global pens feature highly visible ink indicators and a positive retraction system, which means the cartridge won’t jump out of position no matter how much pressure you exert whilst writing. Their smooth finish and specially contoured shape make these the ideal writing tool, allowing users to comfortably grip them even in sub-zero temperatures or environments where they may have greasy hands.

The Longer-Lasting Popular Choice

By choosing Retreeva Global pens, you are guaranteed the peace of mind which comes with knowing that there are no compromises in the quality of equipment being used in your factory. Retreeva Global pens offer a more cost-effective long-term solution than lower-quality and cheaper products, because the ink lasts far longer and they will not need to be replaced as frequently. Feedback from customers also suggests that the comfort, ease of use and practicality of these pens make them the most popular choice among factory operatives, and when people care about a product they are more likely to take good care of it.

Regardless of your application, Klipspringer has a pen to suit your needs. We stock a wide variety of the highest-quality pens with superior retractable cartridges, with the option for lanyard loops, unbreakable pocket clips and ‘stick’ pens, as well as a choice of standard, pressurised or gel ink in a range of colours. Each pen is specially designed for use in a particular environment, be that sub-zero temperatures or a greasy work environment.

Retreeva Global are one of the most highly regarded of brand names, and these pens are among the most advanced and safest products to be found anywhere on the market. They are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand even the greatest pressure, and we can guarantee that the shatter-resistant polymers they are made from won’t splinter even under duress.

Retreeva Global pens are the safest writing product and best business choice. Long-lasting, hard-wearing and comfortable to use, these pens help you and your team carry out your work with confidence, safe in the knowledge you are minimising risk and preventing accidents.

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