Easy & Simple Solutions To Remove Warts

Are you familiar with warts? If not then, listen – warts are small, self-limited tumours which are caused by one of over 100 types of human papillomaviruses (HPV). It is quite an interesting formation. Nobody can control the development of this skin disease. It can suddenly disappear or not respond to the most effective treatment methods.

Mostly, one in ten of us will have at least one wart at any time throughout our lives. No doubt, they disappear on their own with time but it may take several years. Thus, it is necessary to discuss & spread awareness on effective wart removal treatments. Just consider this guide which can be useful to you if you are struggling with warts.

Easy & Simple Solutions To Remove Warts

Do Nothing

A study says, 65% of wart infections go away on their own within two years as the wart-causing HPV is cleared by the immune system in most of the cases. Although, to wait and do nothing is not recommended, especially for those people who have severe wart infections or for those who have had their warts for more than two years.


1. No treatment time required

2. No cost incurred to treat them


1. Research says wart can affect quality of life

2. Wart can also bring psychological impact

3. Untreated wart can spread and grow larger in size or number over time

Wart Removal Surgery and Medical Treatment

There is not one single solution for all the problems because warts come in very diverse types, sizes and quantities and all are located in different parts of the body. There are several wart treatment approaches and some of them include :

1. Topical Treatment: A topical medication that tells to apply a chemical or a cream onto the skin wart. This is often the first treatment and tend to work effectively on soft warts.

  • Retinoid cream is used as an anti-aging product to re-texturize skin and reduce wrinkles while Vitamin A in it can also help disrupt the wart’s skin cell growth. The doctor can prescribe you a Retinoid cream to treat warts, especially when rest other treatments have failed.
  • The most common treatment is Cantharidin which is a substance that comes from an insect, the blister beetle. It is mostly used in combination with salicylic acid. However, the doctor applies liquid combination on your warts.

2. Cryotherapy: This treatment can destroy your wart by freezing it with liquid nitrogen. Same as the cantharidin, Cryotherapy for wart causes a blister to be formed. When the blister peels off, rest another part of the wart peels off too.

3. Chemical Peel: In this method, chemical solution on the surface of the skin eliminates the wart. Chemical peels are categorized into light, medium and deep peels which can be classified by the depth of removal action.

4. Electrosurgery: In this surgery, an electrical charge is sent through the tip of a needle to remove the wart by burning it which is often used to get rid of the common wart and plantar wart. This procedure can be done by scalpel or small spoon-shaped tool.

5. Surgical Excision: Wart excision process can be done by cutting out the wart with a scalpel or surgical knife and sample tissue of the wart can be taken to determine if any abnormal cancerous cells exist within them.

6. Laser Therapy: Laser surgery involves burning the wart with a concentrated light of a beam which may be recommended to treat multiple warts that spread over a larger area or those warts that are hard to be treated.

7. Radio Surgery: Radiosurgery is used to treat different soft tissue conditions. They do not require a scalpel. Radio waves do the cutting.


Above-mentioned are some of the easy treatments that you can seek for. Treat yourself with appropriate treatment and stay hygienic.

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