Finding Affordable Clothing For Big & Tall Men

Men today are bigger than men historically. In the 1600s, the average French man didn’t even reach 5 feet 4 inches in height. Today, in the US, the average height is 5 feet 9 inches—and a lot of men are way above average.

Unfortunately, the average man isn’t exactly a millionaire, which is what you have to be if you don’t want to buy clothes off the rack for your entire wardrobe. However, you don’t have to be rich to look good. You can find great yet affordable clothing for big and tall men if you keep to a few basic principles.

  1. The right fit is the key. It’s not enough that you have the right size of clothing. It has to fit you properly as well. This is a rule that probably applies to men of all sizes. However, on larger men the negative effects of ill-fitting clothes are just more obvious.

So you need to try on the clothes and see if you have wrinkles, bulges, and sagging fabric when you wear them. On regular guys these things make them look sloppy, and it’s worse for bigger guys.

Your clothes should hang just right on your body. Your clothes shouldn’t hug your frame too tightly, nor should it look baggy. You may need a tailor to get things exactly right, but at least simple alterations don’t cost a lot of money.

  1. Keep it simple. That’s especially true for the colors and patterns you want to wear. As a big guy, you’re already noticeable. You’ll want to dress to balance that effect so that you don’t go overboard and you give off an overwhelming impression instead.

That means sticking to solid colors and light stripes. Keep away from bold patterns and busy graphics.

  1. Stay light. Light fabrics are better options for big and tall guys because many need to be aware of excessive perspiration. At least with lightweight clothes, you don’t sweat as much. Heavier clothes tend to trap the heat inside and that can make things overly warm for you.

Also, heavier clothes are usually thick, so they emphasize your bigger frame and you end up looking too bulky.

So stick with light and thinner fabrics instead. You’re look good, and feel better too.

  1. Try to “frame” your body. What this means is that you have a clean, clear, and well-defined shape for your body. You want your body to look self-contained. The best clothes for this are suits, sports coats, and blazers.

Smooth slacks are better than jeans, and in cold weather you can make a good solid impression with a long overcoat. If you’re doing some manual work, a pair of overalls looks great rather than a shirt and jeans.

Keep to these basic principles, and you’ll be able to choose the best affordable clothing for big & tall men.

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