Top 11 Reasons To Use Zebra Sheer Shades

Ready-to-use blinds can be very convenient for many homes and offices. However, they can look a bit boring. Yes they can be useful, but aren’t there any attractive options?

One of those options is  Zebra sheer shades. They’re fairly new and fast becoming trendy as more people have discovered them. Here are some of the reasons for its increasing popularity:

  1. They’re still new, so these roller shades aren’t overly prevalent. They’re not yet available in many online retail stores and home décor shops, bur they probably will be soon as demand increases.
  2. They also look great with the alternating patterns of sheer and somewhat opaque supple fabric. It looks terrific when you look at it from inside the room, or when you’re outside looking into the window. It also doesn’t puddle on the window ledge, which is a common nuisance for other ready-to-hang blinds.
  3. People looking into the home will have a hard time seeing what’s inside because these shades offer varying degrees of privacy. You can control the privacy level you want for your room.
  4. The controls also let you adjust the amount of light you let in. You can let in just enough light so that you don’t have to turn on the room lights if you want to read. Or you can keep light from coming in so that the sunlight doesn’t wash out the colors of your TV screen. If you want, you can even roll it up completely so that you get a clear view of the sights outside your window.
  5. It’s available in 4 different neutral colors. You can choose white, linen, gray, or black. You can find the right color that matches your room’s color scheme.
  6. Do you want to install your shades on the inside or the outside of your window frame? With zebra sheer shades, you can do either. So you can pick one option and you can change your mind later.
  7. It’s also easy to install because the instructions are very clear and complete. You don’t have to guess, nor do you have to go online to find a YouTube video that shows you how to do the installation.
  8. It’s also great that your purchase already includes all the installation accessories you need. It comes with the brackets and the needed screws. There’s no need for you to spend more money on installation fixtures, and you don’t risk buying the wrong ones. It saves you money, time, and frustration.
  9. This isn’t one of those products made with planned obsolescence in mind. It’s extremely durable, and it’s even resistant to moisture.
  10. As for maintenance, all you need to do is to run a damp cloth on it every now and then. That’s it.
  11. It has a child safety clip that allows you to attach the functional chain to the window frame.

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