Fitness Apparel For Every Body, Every Lifestyle, Everyday

Fitness Apparel For Every Body, Every Lifestyle, Everyday

There is a certain magic that occurs when a woman lets go of the fallacy that is “the perfect woman” and embraces herself for who she is. understands the value and power that comes when a woman decides to become the best version of herself that she can be. Once she arrives at this place of confidence she becomes unstoppable…until she starts chaffing.

The struggle is real. Sometimes the only thing in the way of an amazing workout is an ill-fitting bra. Just because you are going to be sweating in the clothing you exercise in doesn’t mean that anything goes. Below are some things to look out for when shopping for fitness apparel.

Fitness Apparel For Every Body, Every Lifestyle, Everyday

Too Loose

A baggy shirt and sweatpants used to be the workout clothing of many but that is no longer the case. Clothing that is too big can bunch up or snag on gym equipment and inhibit movement. Another aspect to consider is how someone looks can affect how that person performs. Think of how fierce one can feel in an outfit that fits just right and compliments an individual’s body type. That’s the kind of attitude that should be carried into the gym.

Too Tight

Clothing that is too small can impede a workout just as much as clothing that is too big. Chaffing and restricted movement can really ruin a work out. Pressure around the abdomen can make a gym session feel like torture and it becomes easier to make excuses when the thought of putting on fitness apparel is so distasteful.

Heavy Material

Wearing heavy clothing such as denim or cotton is definitely not recommended. Not only are these materials restrictive, they can also keep sweat close to the skin and cause heat rash or chills. The best material is flexible, light, and breathable. offers a myriad of colorful clothing options equipped with moisture wicking technology.

Accessory Faux Pas

When preparing to exercise make sure to keep things simple. Jewelry, perfume, and makeup can all impede a good session. While those cute flip flops may be a hit at the beach, avoid any shoes that are more pretty than practical.

Fitness Apparel that Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

When shopping for exercise clothes, keep in mind that different types of exercise require different types of apparel . An obvious example is what is great for skiing may not be sensible for pilates.

No two women are shaped exactly the same. Take time and care when trying on sports bras. A good bra should fit snuggly and give the support required without squeezing. Most sports bras have an impact rating ranging from low to high. As a rule, the larger the bust, and the more intense the workout, the higher the impact rating should be.

Imagine actually looking forward to your next workout. Discover the freedom that comes with rejecting one size fits all and embracing the individual.

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