Formal Hairstyles For Straight Hair

What hairstyle to wear to attend special occasions that include weddings, farewell functions and formal events? Is there any alternative to the monotonous hairstyles that could be worn to office? These questions have become a serious headache for some and have lead to a confused mindset. The range of hairdo’s vary to a great extent from up do’s to curls, and straight to messy loose strands and bangs to jagged edge flicks. But unfortunately, it has become very complex to distinguish between formal hairdo and informal one’s as a slight change in the positioning of a pin, for example, can alter the category that specific hairstyle falls in. Hence to answer the above questions and remove the confusions, here are a few examples of formal hairstyles for straight hair.

Loose fall for Layered Cut Hair

To begin with, the highlighted locks can be blow-dried inwards on the front bangs and the sides to show-off the jagged cut edges and make them look prominent. The more the layers are, the more effort is required yet a formal look is maintained. Rollers may be used for root uplift and flat irons to attain extra body and strength. This style adds shape and volume to the hair adding beauty to the personality further. This hairdo being simple yet appealing to the eye can easily be worn to any formal occasion but would require regular trims to ensure split ends to be minimal.

Formal Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Loose fall for Short Hair

Short straight hair can be styled by setting them loose. As it is evident that such hair cannot be straightened much due to its length thus styling products can be used are used to provide volume and assist shape and stability. Styling products may include anti-frizz serum, hair straightening creams and moisturizers, mousse and hair shine sprays as well. So, straightening the front bangs only and letting the rest of the hair stay natural can be another formal look one can wear.

One-Shoulder Hairstyles

The straight luscious locks of one side can be let loose over one shoulder while the rest of the hair can be twisted in a flower-shaped bun. For this style, one needs to be highly careful and creative to make it look stylish yet formal. This style can be achieved with the help of shine hair sprays for hold and shine and accessories such as elastic bands and bobby pins.

Twisted Bun Hairstyles

Long straight hair can also be worn in a twisted bun form. For a hairstyle like this one needs to pull back the hair in a ponytail in a position according to one’s own desire and twisting the hair in a way to conceal the elastic band and wrapped around the position of the ponytail. Hair accessories can be used to make your hairstyle unique yet formal. Furthermore, a straight flick of hair can be left loose on the front to enhance the style.

Hence, Straight hair can be styled in numerous ways. It highly depends upon the creativity and willingness of the hairstylist to make your hairstyle look catchy and formal, simultaneously.

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