Foundation Crack: Some Causes And Types

Foundation Crack: Some Causes And Types

When you start noticing some cracks in the walls of your house foundation, it is the clear indication of a structural problem in your house. This vulnerable condition of the foundation can be the result of lack of maintenance, avoiding damages and many other. Also, the problem can turn into broader level if not treated timely. Apart from the ugly appearance, such bad condition can be harmful to you and your family. This can also be the invitation for other problems such as mold, mildew, flake, etc. So, it is important to inspect the condition of the foundation on a regular basis. In case, you find any problem with the foundation, take the professionals help and treat it as soon as possible.

Below are the types and causes of foundation crack.

Foundation Crack: Some Causes And Types

Types of Foundation Crack

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are caused by pressure against the foundation wall. The crack also can be occurred due to the pressure of water and soil. The crack also can form hydrostatic pressure or sweeping soil. This is the initial indication that cracks have been started growing in the foundation.

Vertical Cracks

These types of crack are caused by settling, shrinking or movement. The vertical cracks are also known as hairline cracks. They are typically thin-liner cracks that are scarcely harmful. Instead of being wide, vertical or hairline cracks are deep. However, they can be responsible for moisture, insects, and other elements.

Stair-Step Cracks

These types of cracks brought uneven and ugly structure to your house. The stair step cracks are usually found in the houses with brick or concrete exteriors. These cracks can be different from others and require different treatment methods. They especially occur in winter.

Causes of Foundation

Changing Season

The summer season brings dryness to the foundation. Hence it does not get the sufficient moisture to strongly hold the grip. Hence, you will notice the shifting of soil that creates near the foundation. This will cause weakness in the foundation that will eventually result in cracks.

Soil type

Soil type plays a critical role in determining the strength and stability of foundation. Foundations that have installed on the clay soil can weaken the foundation. This type of soil is expansive and can be expanded with too much water.

Design and Construction

When you are installing a foundation, it is important to consider the design by determining what type of soil the field has. Ignoring this important factor can cause foundation cracks.

To Sum It Up

Every homeowner needs to know everything related to foundation problem as it is the primary place from where all the household problems start.

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