Great Options For The Perfect Courier Delivery Now

Great Options For The Perfect Courier Delivery Now

The logistics market has been growing continuously for years, which is particularly due to the prospering online trade. Whether electronics, books or food – almost all goods can be ordered online today and delivered by parcel service or forwarding to the front door. Therefore, it is all the more important for dealers to find the right shipping partner to deliver their own goods as cheaply, quickly and reliably as possible and to offer the customer the best possible service.Specially when you opt for the international courier services then the following options come up easily.

Great Options For The Perfect Courier Delivery Now
When choosing the shipping Partner, the Following Questions should be Answered First:

  • How fast does my package have to be at the receiver?
  • How big and heavy is my package?
  • How much am I willing to pay for shipping?

Parcel Services – for (almost) Everything that Fits in a Box

Most often goods are shipped to private customers in a package or package and delivered by a parcel service. Parcel service providers have specific requirements for the packages, such as the permissible weight (usually not more than 30 kg) or their maximum permissible size. The duration of packages within Germany is usually 1-2 working days, whereby the Saturday does not count for all service providers as a regular working day. The contents of packages are insured by all providers up to a certain amount (usually up to a maximum of 500 euros), so if the item is lost on the way to the customer or gets damaged, the transport damage is compensated by the insurance. In case of Parcel Delivery to Spain also you will be having the best options now and that too within the budget that you think as proper.

Forwarding – for Large, Heavy and Bulky Goods

Not all goods can be packed in a handy package. For example, if you want to ship furniture, bicycles or tires, you must hire a freight forwarder to handle the shipment. Depending on the destination and tour plan, the delivery can take up to a week, and the costs are much higher compared to the parcel service. In addition, the goods usually have to be delivered on a pallet or in a lattice box. This simplifies handling for the freight forwarder, but this result in additional costs and logistical costs for the shipper.

Courier – if it should go as fast as Possible

All goods that need to get to the customer as quickly as possible are placed correctly with a courier company. This always delivers individually on behalf of the customer, so the consignment is not handled several times, as in the case of parcel or forwarding, but brought directly to the recipient, even on weekends or after hours. Thus, couriers are the best option when it comes to the shortest possible transport time, but this speed advantage must be paid with a correspondingly high transport fee.

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