Get Those Productive Work Hours Record With Our Panda Time sheet software

Timesheet software gives the record of all productive work hours for all employees. Panda Timesheet software is free software that is offered by us. Timesheet software has many multiple benefits for your business. It is online software so that it will be easy to install and can also be used in mobile. Smartphone installation helps to track those employees who work out from the office, GPS feature helps to track the employee work hours for a remote location. Many advanced features help to make management work easy and more transparency develop between employees.

Full feature Timesheet Software – Panda software is full feature timesheet software that gives project management support with time tracking, multiple projects can be a handle on a single platform. It allows creating a different relative task for the project and assigning to them any particular employee or team. Priority can be set with an easy alert so that all task progress will be manageable. High priority task alert will generate a notification to all team members to make them aware of the work. All those bulk documents management will be also very easy to access. It allows uploading them with the task, any company logo, pictures, and screenshots. Or other documents can be updated.

Absence Summery Report – This is one of the important uses of Panda Timesheet free software, report generation is every corporate business need. With the report, it will be easy to check the work progress, identify the requirement and performance. Absence summery report is one of the reports that help to identify the absence summer of the employee; it can be weekly, monthly, and yearly. Timesheet software has automatic feature to calculate these value and generate the report for any particular employee. As all the data of time is stored in the software so that it will give quick results in very less time. Preparing these reports with the help of software will be very time to consume and not that much accurate as software results.

Quick alert makes easy to manage multiple Task – Managing multiple projects with a large team is the very critical task, all the clients have their own timings of work. Successful business needs to deliver the work on time. Timesheet software helps you to achieve the on-time delivery. It will generate auto notification after creating the task and setting the desired date. All the employees got the alert if they have any deadlines. The manager can track all these activities on one platform, it helps to manage workload.

Help to achieve more productive hours from Employee – Small breaks are very hard to track for all employees and it will affect the overall productivity. Time is very precious; any company does not want to lose their productive work hours. Our timesheet software helps to manage with these time-related issues. It develops self-management of time among the employees. As they can track the time hours on their desk, all need to complete daily work hours need.

Experience the best free Timesheet software services with Panda Timesheet software; we have thousands of happy satisfied customers.

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