Recover Files from Samsung With Broken Screen

Recover Files from Samsung With Broken Screen

Don’t worry it happened with all of us, whenever the phone slips off from our fingers  first thing that pop in our mind always been not a “broken screen again please”. I have seen almost half of the people walking on street using their broken phone as nothing is happened to the device.  At the end,  we all just stare at our phone like an idiot and say wish i could have cared about it more.

Repairing of broken screen from the service centre is not at all a job that can be done immediately. Costing of the repair is the first thing that creates a barrier between you and your device. In case, you have money to get it done, still it will take a time to come back from the centre or a repair shop you chose to do the task.

Screen may be not a matter of concern to us that much as the data it consist do. that’s why people are even satisfied to use the phone with a broken screen as long as they can see their stuffs working. But a Broken screen can cause a permanent damage to  the phone where you will not be able to see or use the data in it. Now,  what you will do? How will you take out the stuffs from it? Stressed right?

Here are 2 ways through which you can take out data from your samsung phone even with the broken screen :-

Recover Files from Samsung With Broken Screen

1.Data recovery via USB cable:You can simply access the phone files such as music, photos, documents by connecting it to pc through usb cable. which is pretty much simple task to perform without consisting any complicated step in it. Below are steps that needs to follow :-

Step 1 : plug in your broken samsung phone in computer via data cable in it.

Step 2 : as soon as you connect the device to your pc, autoplay option will pop on a screen of your computer that will allow you to access the files in your android device.

Step 3 : once you are able to see the files, then simply drag  media of the android device and paste it on the folder of your pc.

note : broken phone with a system problem in it will not able to use this method as  option will not appear. Take it to repair shop in case you obstruct with software failure.

2.Recovery through android photo recovery softwares:Now you can take out data from a phone by yourself regardless of what is the condition of the android device. Doesn’t matter it is dead, broken,locked or whatever. These softwares able to recover all the existing data on it as well as the one which got deleted by mistake or intentionally.  The softwares support multimedia files such as photos, videos, music etc. now you no more need to worry about the data whenever your phone gives you sudden shock by stopped working.

Note: there are plenty of softwares available in the market. You can even try a free version first then go for a full version, but it is not necessary that all type of damaged phone data can be recovered as some problems need the expert hands to do the job.

Conclusion :Whenever you face a broken screen issue, i would suggest you to get it fixed as quickly as possible you can. These are some temporary way that can able to take out data but once the broken screen start causing damage inside. It will become difficult for you to use the device even. You can even go for some repair shops that provide some great services, look on internet for more specific details.

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