Get Your Facts On Concierge Services Clarified

Travel is meant for relaxation, enjoyment and sometimes it can also be associated with work or business. No matter what the reason is for your going to a different country or region, you will need to look for several third party services. While you can opt for online vendors for such needs, at the destination you can also look for concierge service providers. Concierges are found at hotels and business setups where they cater to varying needs of the delegates. A concierge can help you find suitable restaurant for gorging on Italian dishes and get guides for visiting historical ruins. At major luxury hotels and smaller boutique hotels, you can find concierge services.

Get Your Facts On Concierge Services Clarified

Concierge Services make Vacation Pleasant and Hassle Free for Guests

From formal needs of guests such as arranging suitable rooms and Laundry services, concierges can also cater to needs that are rather personal. Whether it is a business visit or relaxation trip, no one wants to spend time in getting amenities and services like cabs and guides. Needless to say, delegates who are single have different needs than those who travel with kids and pets! By arranging and managing these services, concierges ensure the guests have a great time in vacation and enjoy every moment to the hilt.

Clear Communication with Concierge Eases things for both Parties

In this age of digital technology, contacting third party service providers has become much easier. Same can be said about concierge service agencies. Before you reach destination, you can get in touch with the hotels’ concierge through email and phone. You can find some such service providers that offer live chat options as well. Concierges can understand the requirements of guests when they express their desires and preferences more clearly.

There is no Fixed Tipping Rate

This is something a lot of people feel uneasy about while dealing with concierges. As it is, there is no fixed guideline for tipping these service providers. It depends on the type of work you hire them for. Cash tips given in an envelope is proper. If you offer tips to a concierge at a hotel or facility where you will visit again, tipping helps create a cordial business relation. At times, offering a token tip when you arrive can set things smooth.

Concierges are not Restricted to Elite Tasks

Some people have a misconception that concierges are exclusively associated with elite lot and their services. However, this is far from the truth. You can ask concierges for personal needs and they will comply as long as it is not unethical for their trade. Professional concierges do not mind arranging for somewhat unusual needs of guests who behave nicely and offer tips. Some guests may place special requests for delicacies they love or special room provision for their stay.

Concierges are not Exclusively for Guests who Stay

It is a misconception that if you do not stay overnight or for a few days at hotel, you cannot ask concierges for assistance. There are many business travelers who live literally out of suitcases, even in vacations. They can of course ask concierges to get something like a cab or any other service ranged quickly.

Summing it up

No matter what your preferences are for food or beverages and what type of sightseeing you prefer, concierges can be of great help. However, you need to think of reality when asking for services and assistance from these agencies. There are certain limitations within which they have to operate and catering to all your fancies may not be possible for them. You also need to be clear and specific about your needs.

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