Wedding Photography Pitfalls You Should Evade At All Costs

Wedding is one of the most memorable episodes of life for anyone, and everyone wants the event to be as close to perfection as possible. From food, attire, ambiance to the photography, everything associated with a marriage is special. To make sure that the wedding photos look as you want them to, refrain from making some mistakes that many people make. Hiring the right photographer is important but you also need to ensure that the couple and guests avoid making mistakes that can mar outcome of the photography.

Wedding Photography Pitfalls You Should Evade At All Costs

Dilly Dallying with the Schedule

You must finalize the photography time much before the wedding. As it is, there are many rituals and norms that precede and succeed a marriage. You would not want an important and sweet part to be left out of the wedding photography for sure. Veteran photographers can tell you about apt timing for taking snaps of the couple and delegates in various poses. They know how to utilize benefits of sunlight and ambient lights during various times of the day. Once you zero in on a schedule for wedding photography, stick to it.

Do not let Relatives Fiddle with Photography

It is natural that some uncle or relatives may feel like naps for personal collection or sharing taking snaps personally and there is nothing wrong with that. While you can let them take snaps, ensure their acts do not interfere with task of the hired photographer.

Do not rely on a Single Photographer

You may think that hiring seasoned photographer, especially one who specializes in wedding photography is enough. However, every photographer has his or her ways of capturing images and using light shadow and body languages. When you hire second photographer to capture wedding pictures and video, chances of getting images shot from different styles and perspectives enhances.

Do not try Deliberately to get Perfect Poses

While everybody wants to look their best in wedding pictures, reality is seldom like celluloid! If you and the guests try to pose deliberately perfect or become conscious when they are being shot, chances of getting natural looking images will be reduced. Therefore, do not try to smile unnecessarily or look at your dress all the time when the photographer is doing his job. Besides, catching some people in weird or little funny postures in such events can be great.

Refrain from Looking at the Camera always

This is another mistake many people and especially the couple make at wedding events. It is okay to look at the camera for a few selected shots, especially close up ones. However, it would be rather boring or devoid of variety to have all images shot in the same pattern! The couple can of course look at each other lovingly for being snapped. The same thing can be said about the guests and relatives present at the event. They should interact freely with each other without turning the eye at camera at all times.

Not opting for Veteran Photographer

A wedding is not like a theme party or a bachelor’s night out. It would not be a wise move to hire an amateurish photographer who lacks quality camera and equipment and expertise. Of course, an expert wedding photographer will charge you more but you can be assured of wedding photos that have the classic appeal and beauty.

Avoid Monitoring everything the Photographer does

Except for some personal choices, it is wise that you leave the task up to the hired wedding photographer. As a matter of fact, veteran photographers do not need to be told about right moments to take photos and usefulness of different angles and so on.

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