Guide To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

Guide To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

A perfect engagement ring is every girl’s dream. At the same time, it is a dreadful event for the lover. He wants to keep his best foot forward making this event, an impeccable affair. A ring is not just a token of love but also symbolizes a man’s willingness to walk further in life with his lady love. This first-time experience can take a toll on you, but following these simple steps might lighten you a bit.

1) Know your Budget

It is important to be aware of your budget. You can chalk down how much you have in your savings and how you are willing to spend. Do not shy away from facing facts. A ring need not be too expensive. After all, it’s not the money spent but the idea that makes you her love you more. Setting a budget will help the jeweler show you best options and make you aware of the ongoing schemes. Some jewelers also let you negotiate.

Guide To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

2) Finger Size

All the excitement and effort put in to make that day goes in vain if the ring chosen is either loose or tight. To make that day special and best, you forget to take her ring size. The problem does not stop their, some rings if custom made are difficult to reshape. More money will be wasted to get it fixed again.

3) Identify the Shape

The form of the diamond is of extreme importance. Try knowing which shape your fiancee loves the most. There are four significant shapes of a diamond-

  • Round- It is the most classic and preferable choice of every girl
  • Princess- this is the square diamond, cheaper than the round shaped
  • Pear- it is pear shaped and carries a unique look.
  • Oval- it is slightly different from the round diamond but again an epitome of beauty

4) The Four C’s are : 

Cut- It refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond. Out of the four Cs, the cut is the most important part. A well-cut diamond is defined by how well it shines.

Color– It might sound shocking, but a diamond also comes in various colors. White diamonds remain most popular. Colorless diamonds are rarely found and most expensive.

Clarity- A diamond with least amount of inclusions is perfect and expensive. Inclusions are tiny particles found inside the diamond.

Carat- Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. As the weight increases, the price also soares high.

5) Be Safe

Buying an engagement ring can burn one’s pocket. So make sure you buy ring from a safe and renowned jeweler who certifies the authenticity of the diamond and other materials used in written. The written document should also contain constituents of the ring and in what proportion. Also take notice of the exchange policies.

A perfect ring is the one that is resonant to the personality of your lady love. Follow these steps and your heart to make this an aw moment.

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