What Makes A White Gold Engagement Ring A Perfect Item As A Surprise Gift?

What Makes A White Gold Engagement Ring A Perfect Item As A Surprise Gift?

An engagement ring signifies the mutual love and trust that a couple shares between each other. It speaks volumes about the deepest feelings that you have for your beloved.Therefore, you need to be very selective when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for your wearer. Compared to other materials, white gold has a silvery, luxurious look and is an alloy made from pure gold along with platinum or nickel. Carat and gemstone are two major factors that you need to take into consideration while selecting a white gold engagement ring. Gemstones are of different types such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies and diamonds and comes with different colors and qualities.White gold jewelry pieces come with a rhodium coating that makes the gold finishing appear whiter and hides the stains caused by the alloying process. Moreover, white gold is more affordable as compared to platinum. It also doesn’t tarnish as other precious metals do. It is ideal for ladies who have a strong liking for platinum or silver, but are looking for an engagement ring made of gold. Here are a few areas that you need to pay attention to, to acquire an engagement ring of the best quality:-

What Makes A White Gold Engagement Ring A Perfect Item As A Surprise Gift?

Carat-White gold usually comes with two-carat values-9 and 18.


Gemstones are available in a wide range of colors and act as excellent embellishments for white gold engagement rings. Colorless diamonds which come with a D grading and is regarded as most valuable.


Clarity of a diamond is another factor that you need to attention to. There are a number of minute inclusions that need to be checked with the help of a magnifying glass. IF is the most visible clarity and is regarded as flawless. Other grades such as Sl1 have a slightly inferior quality.

Cut of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond is a major factor that you cannot afford to ignore. In case a diamond comes with a perfect cut, then its facets will be angled in a way to enable it to sparkle.To bring an element of surprise to your proposal, you should go for a white gold ring that comes with a white gold ring. You can also verify the authenticity of the ring by checking the photos mentioned in the item listing in case you come across any marks that raise doubts about its authenticity. To make your lady love feel on top of the world, you should look for colorless sparkling diamonds that are the first choice when it comes to choosing an engagement ring made from white gold. It will make your love stronger than ever before.

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